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Monday, July 11, 2011

random thoughts:

1. i am so out of it. i thought today was tuesday and put on the trash for trash day. just realized that is is monday!

2. i think kate middleton makes such a perfect princess. don't know too much about her, but she definitely looks the part.

3. love the vita mix blender. just got it like last week but have already used it so many times. goes down as one of two great purchases of this past year (that and the clarisonic). just made the boys a smoothie. so far, the base of the smoothie has always been the same: banana, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, orange juice. then i get creative. this time i added brocolli, spinach, grapes, and carrots. the boys loved it and drank it all up! maybe they will get sick of this and i will have to find a new "recipe" soon. love it! it's raw goodness that i'm happy to give to my boys! oh and the clean up couldn't be easier! i basically put water and soap in the thing and "blend" it easy!

4. i'm so bad at throwing parties. this saturday, we had chase's 4th birthday party/ our going away party and so many things went wrong! first of all, i didn't have enough favors! i kind of knew this would be a problem a couple of day prior to the day of the party so i had to get different favors last minute. this happened because people rsvped really late after i had ordered the favors online and i didn't have have time to order more. i guess i should have taken that into account and ordered extra favors when i did. :(  all the kids got favors, but some were just different. hope all the kids were ok with their favors. also, during the magic show, i was suppose to get all the stuff ready for the ice cream, like get all the toppings out of the bags, but i was totally oblivious to the time and was chatting away with people and didn't even have things ready when the magic show was over. i thought the ice cream part was really chaotic. oh wells. i hope everyone who wanted ice cream got some. :( plus, after we sang happy birthday, i had to help out with the ice cream and didn't have time to cut the cake right away. i looked over and saw a guest cutting and passing out the cake. maybe i should have assigned someone to do that ahead of time. :( well, i've learned for next time! have plenty of extra favors, watch the time, and assign someone to cut the cake if i can't do it. lessons learned.

5. i'm trying to cut coffee out of my system for good, but it is sooo hard. i love coffee, milk tea boba...all of it. it's sooo bad for me and i take in so much sugar by drinking these things.

6. ok, off to run some errands. have a great week!!


Anonymous susan said...

re: party
it was one of the best kid's birthday party i've ever gone to! you did a great job! i'm sure no one really cared or minded about the ice cream/cake thing or the favors. great job!

12:34 AM  

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