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Monday, August 08, 2011

this past saturday was chase's 4th birthday. can't believe that 4 years has flown by.

to my little chasey, here are some things that i want to remember about you at this time in your life.

- i love it when you call me and when i get to  you, you say, "i love you, mommy." it always melts my heart.

- i loved it yesterday when i was taking away something that you and tyler were eating (long story) and while tyler was complaining that he wanted to finish the rest of it, you said to him, "hurry up and just eat and take big bites."

- i love it when i hear you reading books all on your own from the other room. you picked that up quick!

- i love how you blow up balloons SOOO're never scared that they might pop.

- i love your hearty laugh. every since you were a baby, your laugh was deep and came from your belly, like an old man.

- i love the wild things you say to me at the randomest times. yesterday at dinner, out of no where, you said, "everyone is watching the qubo channel. are you?" it came from no where and it made all of us laugh.

- i love the way you and tyler hold hands when you go to new places, like wacky tacky and kids park.

- i think it is funny that you like to pick out your own clothes and you are very adament about what you wear on some particular days.

- i love the way you change your voice when you get a deep man's voice.

- i love the way you run by lifting your shoulders and swinging your arms.

- i love the way you belt out justin bieber's "baby."

- i love the way you do your little dance every time i wash shampoo out from your hair.

- i love that you like being outdoors and that you like going into our new backyard to ride your scooter.

- i love the way you purposely say "I" when i say hi to you.

- i love the face you make when you want to cry but you are trying to hold it in.

chase, you are turning more and more into a big boy. you are very brave sometimes and nothing seems to scare you. if you are not following directions, i will threaten you with things and rarely do my threats work!  you laugh at everything and have a great sense of humor. you make all of us laugh ALL the time...we always say you are a "character" because you have this very distinct, cool personality at such a young age. i love you chase for being the cutest thing ever. you will always be my baby. love, mommy.


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