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Monday, July 18, 2011

hey there! a quick update.

a family pic at chase's party.

one picture of the house that i found. halloween 2010. we will miss you, house!

1. packing today and tomorrow, loading up the truck on wednesday and leaving our house on thursday. :(  oh, not too much to pack because the movers will be doing most of it tomorrow! yay!!!

2. heidi and phillip's wedding was beautiful! too bad i didn't take one picture because i didn't bring my camera! i thought SOMEONE in the family would have a camera and would be taking pictures! claudia? nope! rich? nope! jess? nope! jason? nope! no one!!!! i realize that if i ever want any pictures of any events, I'M going to have to take them!

3. hitting up the nordstrom sale with cousin minseo today!

4. tomorrow will be hectic here. :( can't believe we are really moving!! waaahhhhh!!!


Blogger Missy Krissy said...

you look so beautiful young mommy! so excited for you and your new journey!

6:23 PM  

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