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Thursday, August 04, 2011

totally random thoughts:

1. chase has a little bit of a cold. in near 100 degree weather. poor kid.

2. tyler is taking a nap right now and chase just came up to me and asked, "where is tyler? i want to play with him." aww...that is cute.

3. love the GPS in my car and couldn't live without it. i don't know how people survived before the internet and gps! i just get in my car and type where i want to go (ex starbucks, baskin robbins, etc) and it tells me directions to the closest one....i find it fascinating and amazing!

4. i find it interesting that there are lots of hotels in roseville. it makes me think that people actually come here to visit. see, people, it's not totally the boonies over here... people actually come here to visit and stay in hotels and stuff!! :)

5. my cousin will be visiting us soon...yay!! our fist visitor! don't know what we will do... minseo, get ready, i will drag you to all the KID spots in!

6. can you believe we had about 400 items (including boxes) when we moved?! we loaded up a huge truck! it's all just crap and i've been throwing and donating so much stuff since we got here! yay!

7. during the move, i had to put my vegetarianism on a hiatus. one night, i was starving, there was nothing in the frig and it was late. the only thing to eat was so chinese take-out so i had some orange chicken. since then, i've been eating some meat here and there, but i plan to go back to no meat soon. this is like a confession or something!

8. i want to buy a juicer. anyone have any suggestions? i tried a sample of a veggie/ fruit juice at whole foods once (made of beets, apples, carrots, celery, etc) and it was soooo good. i want to make that at home!

9. i've been cooking a lot lately. yesterday, i made kalbi jim (braised short ribs) and spinach/clam soup. everything came out good but it takes soooo much time to cook!

10. i just realize that i lost one of my favorite jackets. :( it was my brown puffer jacket with fur on the collar. i am sure i left it at a hotel during one of many stays the last few months. :( i called around but no one has it in their lost and found. so sad! i hate losing things! i'm really bummed out.
11. we haven't gotten one piece of forwarded mail since the move. i'm getting worried. even though i said there are no asians in roseville, we happen to be renting from a korean guy with the last name kim....what a coincidence! since he asked for all his mail to be forwarded to his new address, i think all our mail is being forwarded to him. what a headache. hope we get our mail soon!

12. there is the cutest little cupcake shop near our house. i bought three for the family and ended up eating 2 1/2! don't think i should go in there again.

take care.....will write more later!


Blogger Missy Krissy said...

we have the breville juice foundation elite. it's great!
sounds like you are settling in nicely!

4:12 PM  

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