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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

i was thinking the other day that i kind of regret renting this house that we are currently living in. it is very similar to our old house... slightly bigger with a yard! (yay!) however, it is too similar to the house that we lived in in orange county- as far as house and community. since we are only planning on renting for a year or two and we know its not a commitment, i wish that we lived in a totally different kind of house with a totally different environment. i wish we looked for a way older quaint home in more established neighborhoods like in downtown roseville. i was driving past this area yesterday and i saw the cutest oldest homes with so much character. the trees and plants that lined the streets are glorious and i wondered to myself if i will ever live in a area like that. i would love to at least once in my life and i wish we had taken that opportunity with this move. :(

happy tuesday!


Blogger Missy Krissy said...

oh man! maybe you can try it out next year? too much too soon to think about?! miss you. let's chat again soon mama in roseville!

mama in manhattan

6:40 PM  

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