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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

random thoughts:

1. i forgot to add one thing about chase that i love. i love the way he eats. the way he moves his mouth and chew his food is sooo cute to me.

2. there are a lot of these things in roseville: 1. on every street it seems. 2. car could get a car wash for $4 here. 3. indoor play areas at fast food places....maybe because it gets so hot here?

3. i found some stains on the carpet the other day and it just kills me! i have no idea where the stains came from and we can't figure it out. i've asked the boys over and over if they know what happened and they keep saying no. it wasn't there on sunday so it must have happened on monday or tuesday. it's bad enough that i think the owners of the house will make us pay to get the whole carpet redone...crap...renting is stressful!

4. oh, i can't believe that we are now at the stage where i genuinely will laugh at something that tyler says. it's not "oh that is cute" kind of laugh, but now, sometimes tyler will say something and i will laugh, like i was talking to a friend and my friend said something funny. for a couple of days, tyler has been calling me "princess." i would ask him to do something and he would answer, "ok, my princess." then, yesterday, if he got in trouble, he would call me princess so he would get out of trouble and that would work because that would make me smile. then today, he was calling me princess again to get out of trouble and i said, "that is not going to work today." and he held me around my waist and said, "oh come on princess, it's almost 12:00 and we have a royal ball to go to." omg..the way he said it...cracked me up so bad and i laughed so hard and i was this is what it feels like to REALLY laugh with your a grown up kind of way.

5. dude, i am addicted to wondoomil tea. it is like 250 calories a cup and i have at least two a day. that can't be good for my growing thighs, but i can't help it...i'm addicted!

6. i wrote on a earlier post that i threaten chase when he doesn't listen. i thought i would write down what some of that sounds like. "chase, you need to clean up all your toys if you want to go eat lunch with us." "i don't want to go anyways,"
"chase, i will take away your new toy if you don't listen." "here, you can have my toy."
"chase, go up to your room because you threw that toy at tyler." "ok (skipping up to his his room) when i come out, i will throw this bomb at you, tyler."
"chase, go in the garage." "ok"
nothing stirs the boy to be remorseful!! he is rarely scared of anything! so i've threatened to take things away (he doesn't care!) i've threatened to not give him things that he wants (he doesn't care!) the worst punishment is to stay in the garage for awhile. he couldn't care and is not scared of going in there even if it is pitch dark in there! i am ashamed to say that i tried to make it scarier for him by making ghost noises while he was in there. when i opened the door, he gave me this "what the hell?" look and just came back in the house with a smile. urgh!!!

7. last week, tyler was whining and i told him whine was him middle name. he looked at me and said, "well then, YELL is your middle name." haha... cracked me up!

8. i took tyler and chase to a taekwondo class and the instructor is overweight!! would you trust an overweight taekwondo teacher?!! something doesn't seem how can he do all those moves and stuff? don't know if i can trust the, jason totally swears the guy is faking an asian accent. haha...

ok, happy wednesday...the days go by so fast, huh?

tyler starts school on the 23rd of this month!


Blogger Missy Krissy said...

love how you are documenting everything - so great that you can look back with the boys!

5:12 PM  

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