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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hello, hello. sorry for the lack of would think with ALL this time on my hands, i would write in here more often..geez, what's my problem?!

life is pretty quiet and slow here. we did end up signing tyler up to go to the private school here. i'm not blasting public schools by sending tyler there. heck no. there are awesome teachers in the public school system! we just didn't get so lucky this year and i wasn't "feeling it" from his teacher. i didn't want this year to be a complete waste of time (i mean, he is there about 7 hours a day!) so the decision was pretty easy to make.

even though i just wrote that life here is quiet and slow, time goes so fast! i will drop the boys off to school, come home to do a few things or run a couple of errands and it's time to pick them up again! seriously, i need to work on my time management or something!

me not so good with tech stuff...y'all know that. damn, we got cable again after 2 years of not having it and i don't even know how to change the channels on the frickin thing! seriously though, who needs over 1000 or so channels? that is just craziness. i mean, i can't even just flip through the channels, i need a "menu" next to me with the channel listings when i watch tv! i think there is a way to put "most watched" or "favorite" channels somewhere...but don't ask me how to do that!!!

speaking of, i know that there are some cool things that i could do with the radio in my car but i have no idea how to use any of it! haha... it all sounds so good when the salesman is telling you about it! "you can record a zillion of your cds in here and never need to put in your cds to listen to your music collection!" oh wow...that sound so damn neat....if only i can figure out how to do that!!

this weekend, we were in sf and got to see rich's office for the first time. pretty impressive, rich!!! it was a good thing that he showed us because i always doubt if he is *really* working or just saying he has a job. that is kind of a problem that i have. sometimes, jason will come home looking all tired after a hard day at work, i'm sure, and i think to myself, "oh snap out of it, you probably weren't in the OR today. you were probably only in clinic and half your patients probably didn't show up so you probably were on the computer all day drinking a latte." is that horrible of me to think that people don't REALLY work just because i sit around on my ass all day? i need to work on that and get an adjustment in perspective or something...because i guess people DO work. but, i still say half their day is PLAY! haha...

so i do have a to do list everyday. thought i would share what is on that list since it is right next to me on my desk right now. go to dry cleaners, color hair (YES, it does say that and that was the FIRST thing i did after i dropped off the boys!), make chicken dinner (i still need to do that and i only have 1 hour left to do it!), iron shirts (cause i told jason that i would do that this it wednesday? i still have two more days!), cut cantaloupe (omg! did i really write that on my list! haha), kaiser appt, dental appt, go over bills and papers. haha... it is 12:12 right now and i only did ONE thing on my list....colored my hair!! i'm so productive, i tell ya.

anyways, this weekend, we are going to a place i've only dreamed of going to since i was a wee little child- an apple orchard! maybe i should wait till the weather is a little cooler to make it more fitting, but no, i can't wait!!! i have no idea what to expect but i'm super excited! i'll tell you how it goes.

oh, and i would be remiss if i didn't write in here about my favorite thing in the world at the moment: gel nails! tried it for the first time last week (thanks chris for holding my hand through it) and, as jess would say, "isn't it glorious?" like, what kind of miracle is this?! nail polish that doesn't chip after one day? it is nothing short of amazing. i love it and have high hopes that i will always have nice nails from here on out! (well, let's see the process to take the polish off. by various accounts, is not fun.) but for now, i love it!!!

well, have a great hump day. as for me, i better get to ironing some shirts, making some chicken dinner, and dropping things off at the cleaners. oh the life of a mom....sounds sooo excited, doesn't it? NOT!


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