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Friday, August 26, 2011

tyler's back to school night was yesterday and i was not impressed at all. :( rats! we might have to go the private school route. what didn't impress me? well a couple of things.

1. the teacher passed out a letter to the parents and it was signed by another teacher!! basically, she just copied another teacher's letter....i understand, teachers share things with each other all the time, but damn, take the time to at least make it look like you wrote the letter by changing the name on it!!

2. she kept saying, "this is just my second year teaching second grade so i am learning as i go." oh, great!

3. she kept saying, "i'll TRY....." to do this and that, never "we WILL." i'll TRY to set up a field trip, i'll TRY to to get an aquarium, i'll TRY to do that this year. what the heck, right? what is that suppose to mean? i have no idea!

4. oh and she was reading something from a page and said to the parents, "do y'all want a copy of this? i didn't have time to print it out for you so it will be in your child's backpack when i get a chance to print it." she just told me before the meeting started that she went home to take a long nap but she didn't have time to print something out?!

basically, i feel like if you don't care enough to try your best on back to school night in front of PARENTS, why the hell would you even try your best with KIDS? she had this very "whatever" attitude about teaching and i didn't get one tiny glimpse of passion for what she does. soooo sad.

i was the ONLY parent asking any questions last night. i was trying to see if the teacher knew what she was talking about or if she was talking from her ass. the other parents were probably thinking, "damn nerdy asian!!" haha....

anyways, what are we going to do?!!!! i went to a great private school today and of course, it's all full and i put tyler on the waitlist. what are we going to do?!!!! i just have to pray that something opens up at this private school....i'm doing a lot of praying up here in roseville!!!


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