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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a couple of very old photos. here is a pic of tyler at our community's 4th of july parade.

chase's bike is all decorated and all ready to go!

snacks after the parade..thanks sarah!

relaxing in the watsons' awesome backyard.

visiting great grandmother before our move.

got to meet thompson!...what a cutie!

this is what tyler and chase do when they are bored.

chase's smile makes me smile.

last day at jiujitsu. go tyler! :)

love ethan's smile!

getting fitted for heidi's wedding.

looking fancy, chase!

relaxing in what we used to call the "classroom."

i love dressing them the same...thanks jenny for the pjs!

dim sum with the ladies. kelly left before we took this picture. :( christine, what are you laughing at so hard?!!!

the boys at heidi's wedding rehearsal.

we with the boys at rehearsal.

thanks tiffany for watching the boys so i could rest! :)

this is how we spent the last two days at our old house. in the garage with our two beautiful neighbors. they are the sweetest girls and i will miss them very much.

resting in the garage while our house gets packed up!

i took this pic to show jason that i need to get my eyebrows tatooed. he got really annoyed with me when i said that...he said, "that will NEVER come off!!" like duh....isn't that the point?!!!

at mommy's favorite place in roseville...isn't this the cutest little cupcake store?! i love it!


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