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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

today is tyler's first day of school. i thought i wouldn't get emotional- i mean, it's not like it's tyler's first year in school. we've done this before, right?  i was wrong. as i waited in line with him this morning, i started getting nervous for him. it seemed like all the kids knew each other from the previous year and he was the "new kid." they all looked so much taller than him too! i wouldn't be surprise if i find out later that some of the boys in his new class must be 8 years old already. it's nervewracking because you still see your child as your baby, needing your protection and guidance, but before you know it, he is in school seven hours a day- all alone, without you. all you can do is say a silent prayer.

dear god, please be with him in school today. please help him make friends and have the other kids be nice to him. please help him be comfortable in his new environment.


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