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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hey there is 7:40 in the morning. i really should be watching the boys like a hawk and making sure that they are not wasting precious morning time but i feel like blogging so here i sit in front of the computer...can i get a "yay" in unison?!

actually, i know what the boys are doing. tyler is on the toilet and he is reading books to chase who is sitting on a stool. isn't that about the grossest thing ever? i think so, but whatevers, tyler is reading, chase is listening, and it's all quiet in the house so i'll let them continue until i feel guilty for not taking chase out of that torture chamber...but hey, he doesn't seem to mind it! haha...

some random thoughts this morning.

1. water intake affects my energy level. i need to have at least 6 cups of water a day if i want to be at my tip top shape. i don't know anyone else who is affected by their hydration as i am. maybe i have some electrolytee imbalance in my body? i  should find out. maybe i need more sodium in my diet? nah, that can't be it...i eat the SAD (standard american diet)!

2. this weekend, rich and jess visited. highlight of the weekend? seeing rich and jason flop their big fat bodies on the slip and slide....ooh, that was the best. i wish i got it on video, but of course, i can't find my camera again. damn it. anyways, the boys had a blast and i did too!

3. happy birthday to my baby brother rich. today he is old are you again? well, you are sure getting old (or old looking) so you better get married before jess realizes that she is with an old fart and runs away. haha...

4. i'm a social eater. since i have no friends or family here to  be "social" with, i've lost five pounds here without even trying! that's a "yay" because that was much needed. what do you know... i should have run away from all you fools months ago! maybe i should set a goal to get back to my college weight. i have no excuses now that they boys are older and i really should do something about all this flab, right?

5. tyler's school starts at 8:55...isn't that so late? in irvine, we were at his school by 8:00 to drop him off. over there, i was like a drill sergeant in the mornings, making them do this and that in the mornings. here, i feel like we have an hour to waste! the boys are on the computer upstairs and i'm downstairs on my laptop. we really take our sweet time in the mornings. i guess it's nice though i feel like we should just get the day started and we are wasting an hour of afternoon time because i pick him up an hour later. oh wells, you can never win cause i can always complain about something! haha...

6. oh, i'm back to only decaffeinated drinks. i should NEVER drink caffeinated drinks. i accidentally ordered a caffeinated drink from barnes and noble last week and stayed up till 3:00. last night, i had two chocolate chip cookies before bed and couldn't sleep until 1:00 last night. never again. i need a good night's rest!

7. i'm spying, i mean- volunteering, in tyler's current classroom today. if i don't like what i see today (which i'm expecting), we're enrolling him up for another private school we found. it sucks because it is a lot of money and had we been lucky enough to be with an awesome teacher at a public school this year, we could have saved that money. well, i'll let you guys know how things go today. i have to make up my mind today because there is only one more spot in that private school too. decisions, decisions... life is full of them!

8. oh ladies, i have no eyelashes right now and i look so weird!! my eyes feel naked!

9.  speaking of beauty treatments, i want to get a perm! not crazy ramen head (i've had THAT before!) i just want some loose beachy curls. i think i know where i will get it done but it is in oc. i have to go to oc one day just to get my eyes and hair done! a womans got to do what a womans got to do! :)

ok, i really should be doing something more productive than sitting my my ass. chase locked all the bathroom doors except one and we can't find the key to open the locked doors so we are all sharing one bathroom right now. oh fun-ness.

the boys went upstairs to the computer saying, "we're going on (educational site)" right now, i hear sounds of bullets and tyler screaming, "i can save the world!" don't think they are on starfall anymore! gotta go get the boogars and start my day!


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