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Sunday, October 09, 2011

random thoughts:

1. i love weekends, don't you? it's so quiet and nice in the house today! we're not rushing here and there and i feel like we're on our own schedule. love it. i totally wish i could homeschool the boys so we could just be on our own schedule and not feel so rushed all the time. can you believe i fill up my car with gas every saturday since the boys started school?! i think that means i drive about 450 miles a week! wish i didn't have to do that. what a waste of gas, energy, time.... i know tyler could do "school" in the same time it takes me to drop him off and pick him up! why not homeschool? jason is totally against it!

2. i must totally be PMSing because i eaten everything in sight the last two days. oh, and do i crave chocolate on these days!

3. yesterday, we went to a benihana style restaurant for dinner. got a groupon and it was only $35 for a dinner for 4 adults! so cheap right? the group next to us with four adults didn't have a groupon and i am sure their dinner was about $100! gotta love groupon! chase loved the whole experience and said he wanted to work there when he grows up.

4. today, we're planning on taking the boys to a pumpkin patch. we also have a groupon for this so they will enjoy a corn maze and pony rides for real cheap! gotta love saving money! :)

5. tyler has somewhat of a obsessive personality. when we first move here, i would let them watch he- man on netflix while i tried to clean up the house. he got obsessed with that! then, he got really obsessed with time! yes- time! he would look at the clock so many times that we had to tell him to stop looking at it! he would memorize when events started and when they ended. he could tell us when he went to sleep and woke up on any given day. it was kind of amazing, funny, and dorky all at the same time. now he is obsessed with paper planes. he has a paper plane book and he is making his way through the book. he is a character and we love him for being him! :) 

just asked tyler when he went to sleep last night and woke up this morning and he said, "went to sleep at 7:50 and woke up at 7:29. came into your bed at 3:07." haha... he is so funny!

6. chase gives the best hugs. for awhile, he would rub backs when he hugged. now, he gives slight squeezes when he hugs and it is adorable. chase, do you remember when you used to do this?!

ok, just a little update here from roseville! :) hope you are doing well! have a great week!

oh, the weather here is roseville is cooling off and it's actually really nice these day...yay! i'm not melting away here! it's weird though, because it still doesn't feel like "home." i'll go get some coffee at starbucks or something here and i feel like i'm on vacation or something. it quite doesn't feel like we LIVE here. kind of strange, huh?

oh, and speaking of coffee... i FINALLY registered my card at and have reached "green" card status. :) i was excited and told jason and he said, "talk to me when you are black card status." haha...he is such a starbucks snob! can you believe he goes every single day!


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