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Thursday, September 22, 2011

some random thoughts

1. just got back from costco. damn, ate a day's worth of calories eating all their samples...cause ya know it's hard for me to pass up anything that is free. that is why i have such big nostrils.....cause air is free! (haha, susan and christine!)

2. if jason and i are remotely being "loving" towards each other in front of the boys (like hold hands or hug), the boys will sing a song they made up, "mommy and daddy love each other! mommy and daddy love each other! kiss! kiss! smooch! smooch!" it is really cute, though we have to tell them to lower their voices when we are in public.

3. i HATE the heat here. i'm dying! but one good thing about the summer heat is that i LOVE summer nights. there is something so backwards about it being dark and 85 degrees at the same time. my favorite!!!

4. my father in law is so cute. he went to our old house to pick up some mail and called me to tell me he was crying because it felt so weird to be at our house and not have the boys run out to welcome him home. awww...old people can be so cute. :)

5. chase is currently taking some classes at my little gym because there was a good deal on groupon. however, after the groupon ends, classes are $20 an hour! is that crazy or what?! i think so. man, i i don't think children's classes should be more than $10 an hour!

6. tyler told me the other day that he goes into chase's room every night when he wakes up to use the restroom. i said, "oh really? why?" his answer? "to make sure he is there and to make sure he is breathing." awww... that was kind of cute and odd at the same time!

7. tyler is a very sensitive kind boy. something he said to me last night that made me think that he is a nice boy. i was cooking dinner and he said, "mommy, if what you are making for dinner is hard to make, i could just eat something simple." very typical tyler.

8. did i tell you that it is really hot here? ah man, tyler's soccer practices are 5:30-6:30 and it is still in the 90s. it is actually SOOO sad. i feel so bad for the children, running back and forth with their red faces in the crazy heat while the parents sit in the shade and rest. it's so sad!!! i just want to take each child in my arms, slather sunscreen all over their exposed skin, put up some sort of huge canopy to cover the whole field, or at the least, slap some huge korean visors on them!

9. i LOVE chase's laugh. it is a hearty, unwavering laugh. it's so robust, loud, and makes the people around him want to laugh too. it's one of my favorite things to hear in the whole world.

10. on tuesday, chase and i met up with jason at his work to each lunch with him. chase was acting so fidgety at the restaurant and wouldn't sit still so jason took him out of the restaurant for a little bit to give him "time out." after lunch, when we were going home, i said to chase in a teasing voice, "you got in trouble. you got in trouble." (i understand that's a weird thing for a mom to say to her son....but i am weird like that!) he looked at me straight in the eyes, shrugged his shoulders and calmly said, "i don't really care." he looked like a teenager. oh, they grow so fast.

i think that's it for today! hope all is well! i'm in a costco induced food coma. never again, i tell you. never again. costco, i'm so sorry. i feel like a traitor but i feel a wedge coming between us. something is changing between us. it's not you. it's me. i need some time away from you to figure things out.

bye, bye!


Blogger WeiKuo said...

We did Little Gym for 10 weeks at over $20/hour over the summer. I thought it was pretty expensive too. However, we are considering doing it again after trying out the marginally cheaper community classes and finding the experience less enjoyable.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous susan said...

you funny.

10:56 PM  

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