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Friday, September 23, 2011

being a mom is a full time job. can you believe that it takes 2 hours from the moment we leave our house to drop off the boys and then come back home?! yup. well, i did take a 30 minute detour to get an iced coffee, but still...just driving around to do things with the boys IS my full time job!

i will entitle the next chapter of my life (which will last the next 10 years) "the chaffeur."

yesterday, i got pricked at bed, bath, and beyond- like literally. i was feeling a swatch of bed sheet fabric and this huge tack jabbed me in my thumb. it screamed like a woman in labor and blood gushed out immediately. for some reason, it hurt like a mother and the pain made me soooo mad. like, why should i have to endure this pain at a store while shopping with my son?!! the manager seemed *a little* concerned (not enough to my liking), said sorry and took down my information. i thought i deserved at least a $100 gift card for my bout of histrionics! i better not get some crazy disease from what happened yesterday. BBB better get ready for a lawsuit of a lifetime if i end up getting even a slight infection or redness in the area. i better stop writing about this. it makes me mad to think about it. they should also offer something to chase for his emotional distress in seeing his mom with BLOOD coming out. hmmm.... any lawyer out there want to take on this case?!

i love the song i'm yours by jason mraz. it has a very calming affect on me, that is for sure. i hear it and i just want to sway my bod and be listening to jamaican steel drums. maybe i should have that song next to me at all times (on my phone-once i learn how to download songs onto my phone) so the NEXT TIME I GET PRICKED at a store, something will calm me down.

oh, cooking has all but stopped here in roseville. so much for susie homemaker! haha... i was sooo motivated this time around too. new kitchen, new house, time equals motivation to cook, right? well, that waned- big time. i am so in awe of people who LOVE to cook. i'm not talking about people who cook because they have to cook to feed their families. i'm talking about people who look forward to cooking, who dream about being in the kitchen, who take pride and joy in what comes out of their kitchens. i am the opposite. i'm the opposite of a foodie, for sure. i say, just eat whatevers!!! with that kind of mentality, don't you  just feel so sorry for jason and the kids. cause even when I think about it, i shed a tear for my family who deserve great, homecooked meals! but i'm so ok eating any crappy ol thing (cereal for dinner, anyone?) that it is hard for me to spend so much time in the kitchen to cook! i'm working on it though, peoples! we are all works in progresses (not a word, right?), so i'm working on it so lay off!! :)
well, just wanted to say hi and say happy friday!!! i love fridays...who doesn't, right? cause i'm looking forward to a wild crazy weekend of fun here in roseville.....NOT!


Blogger WeiKuo said...

I might know a lawyer that won't take on a suit against BBB, but will definitely prosecute that tack to the fullest for aggravated assault.

10:48 AM  

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