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Monday, October 24, 2011

nothing to really write about but thought i would just log on to say hi! :)

tyler is really into "pop" music lately and loves singing along to hit songs. it's so funny, actually. his first song that he had memorized was baby by justin bieber and then at school, he learned dynamite in his music class. (guess that is why we send him to school!).

i'm really love running lately! nothing like hitting second wind and feeling like you are on top of the world! one dream of mine is to run some sort of race with the boys when they are older. i told jason and he said "oh, you will be so old then!" haha.... nothing like complete honesty from your husband! no really, though, that would be a dream come true! (tyler and chase, you know what song we will play when we are done with the race, right?!'

oh, rich got offered a FAT job last week! we are all so proud of him. yay, you go, rich!

ok, ttyl!


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