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Friday, October 14, 2011

some pics from my cell phone before i erase them. when chase saw this sign, he asked, "why does the woman only have one leg?" made me laugh.

chase and his rascal face. this was at neela and nirav's party. love his happy face.

going to a daddy son event for work. i just like this picture. it is blurry but i'm so glad that i captured the moment with my cell phone. tyler was so excited to go to this event with daddy.

in front of ro's house. think this sign is funny!

tyler brought this home from school in september. i guess he likes to read..what a nerd! haha... i like the top part where it reads, "i am happiest when i am with my family."
did i ever post this pic of tyler with his juijitsu instructors? i don't know what jason was thinking when he signed tyler up for this. i definitely had missed feelings about it in the beginning. once in awhile, i still ask him if he wants to stop doing it and he always answers that he wants to continue and likes to do it.

i tried to put eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes. i always want to do this but think it looks funny on me. :( thought i would post a pic of myself because people always tell me that i don't post enough pics of myself on this site. 
tyler was working on his desk the other day and i looked over his shoulder and this is what he was working on. i asked him what it was and he said he is thinking of how to build his robot and what his robot would do. he is sooo funny!

a rare picture of me, claudia, rich, and sara at heidi's wedding. we really should take more pics together, guys! we're not getting any younger! haha....

lastly, isn't this song sooooo beautiful. there is something so pure and wonderful about tracy chapman's voice. i love this version of stand by me.


Blogger alice said...

LOVE the sibling picture... and chase looks like tyler when he was younger! haha... i'm on a blog binge. =)

5:23 PM  

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