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Monday, December 05, 2011

good morning, my peeps.

yesterday, we went and cut down our christmas tree. i thought it would be easier to just get one from loews or home depot but jason insisted that we drive to a christmas tree farm and cut our own. i guess it was for the best because the boys had a great time sawing the thing down! timber! i'm not too big on christmas trees. i always pick the smallest trees because they are so adorable...kind of like in charlie brown christmas. it is so much easier to decorate initially and discard later when you get a smaller tree... i'm just trying to be practical! well, jason, on the other hand, is really into christmas trees. he likes big ones and will pretty much decorate the whole thing himself! he strings all the lights and will put up the majority of the ornaments. seeing him act like a little boy, all giddy and waiting for santa on christmas eve, amuses me and makes me love the holidays even more.

also, we went to a see's store yesterday to pick up a box of assorted chocolates because i can never have a holiday season pass without a box. this "tradition" started when i was a classroom teacher because inevitably every teacher gets at least one box of sees every year, right? well, i don't have any students buying me chocolates anymore so i had to pick up my own box. it's so fun to tear open the wrapping paper and have that familiar white box staring at me. it was a yummy, calorie filled day yesterday!

another thing we are doing a lot of lately is driving around looking at houses. amazingly, after seeing tons of different types of homes, jason and i both like pretty much the same kind of house. if we get what we want, we will try to buy a ranch or farm style house, one with more land. basically, we both want something very country and "woodsy." we also want to have a chicken coop where we could get our eggs from and a pony would be a dream come true for this country bumpkin! oh, how times have changed, right? you move to the country and you turn county! haha... i don't know..we'll see what happens. we haven't found anything that we love yet. oh, and we're trying to sell our house in oc. we just found out that someone we know is renting the exact house down the street for $800 more a month than we are collecting in rent on our house. make us mad! so now, we just want to get rid of the dang thing! any takers out there?'

guess that's it for this morning. gotta clean up!


Anonymous susan said...

re: see's chocolates... HILARIOUS!

8:18 AM  

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