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Friday, December 09, 2011

claudia recently sent us two cds for me and the boys. tyler and chase LOVE, absolutely LOVE, the cds and have memorized mostly all the songs on them. here is one that we like to belt out in the car when we are on the road. i am notorious for changing lyrics to songs so when the words "i hope you know somebody loves you, " i change it to, "i hope you know your mommy loves you." they get a kick out of that. so this song is dedicated to my sweeties....always remember that your mommy loves you!!!

second song is also from claudia's cd. who knew country could be so much fun!!! :)  instead of saying "make up, " i like to say, "make out!" that makes the song much better! :)

i love music. any type of music. country, rap, pop...something about listening to a great song. makes me want to jump up and down and shake this money maker! haha...

sidenote: (written after initial posting) OMG!!! i just saw the sugarland video for the first time and i am dying laughing here! that is sooo hilarious...totally something up my alley. i LOVE it and makes me like the song even more! i swear i'm going to do that exact same dance for jason one day! it's too funny not to!


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