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Friday, December 09, 2011

i really should not be on this right now bc my dad is visiting this weekend and i should have a clean house for him, right? well, he IS my DAD...he won't really care about the mess, will he?

two things i like to say:

1. "oh, snap!" it's so much fun to say. if something bad happens and i can't say the f word, i just say, "oh, snap!" it's fun and so much cleaner than the f word!

2. if someone comes close to me, i like to say, "leave me alone" in the whiniest voice possible. AND, i like to say it when the person hasn't even bothered me at all! for instance, jason will come into the room that i am in and go about his business, not so much even talking to me or breathing on me or even looking at me and i like to say, "leave me alone." he will be so perplexed and might say something like, "what?" and i like to repeat it again, "just leave me alone...." he will usually just shake his head and walk out and i just laugh to myself. it's so much fun to say to someone. it's all in the execution and by that, i mean, it's all in your voice- it must be said in your most annoying, drawn out, tired, whiniest voice possible....try it girls and annoy the crap out of the men in our lives! haha....

happy,  happy weekend to y'all.

jen wu- it is always so much fun to talk to you. i swear, you are one of my best friends because i can tell you ANYTHING and i sure DO tell you everything!  and, you never judge. (well, maybe a little.  :) i love you for putting up with my fat ass the last 15 years (?? you know i'm not good at math!)  miss you, girlfriend!


Anonymous susan said...

HAHAHA re: "leave me alone"

8:21 AM  

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