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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i forgot to move the elf on the shelf last night. what kind of horrible mommy forgets something so simple? i'm hearing about all the grandiose things that other mommies are having their "elves" do and i can't even move it to another location! the kids were so disappointed this morning. :(  i had to lie and tell them that i think that claus frost, our elf, liked where he was so he went back to the same location after flying to see santa. tyler yelled, "but he didn't even move AT ALL because his arms and legs look exactly the same as last night!" i had to tell him that our elf memorized how he sat to "throw us off." oh goodness, where do i go to claim my bad mommy award?

so my in laws are here. as many of you know, they are very sweet, unassuming people. they are kind and don't expect much from me, but as you also know, there is one thing that i HATE doing- cooking for other people- so i'm already anticipating that the next ten days will be hard for me. i HATE cooking with a passion. sometimes, i will be making dinner, chopping some vegetable or something like that, and i wish i could fling the knife at the wall...that is how much i hate it. i just think that everyone should eat for themselves! i barely cook for myself so why should i cook for other people? i don't mind cooking for the kids because kids will eat just about ANYTHING- hot dogs, spaghetti, mac and cheese, some easy sandwich, but to cook, cook COOK, i can't do it. i mean, i will- sometimes,  but i hate every stinkin moment of it. i hate trying to mind read what these people might WANT to eat. i don't past lunch time and i guess a good daughter in law should have be in the kitchen the last HOUR making something that they would gulf up in TEN MINUTES, maybe fifteen minutes tops, but i haven't been in the kitchen. so now, the stomach churning, guilty feeling arises, and i'm doing the last thing i should be doing right now- writing on this blog. what is one to do?! i'm at a lose. so please tell me- where do i go to pick up my horrible daughter in law award?


Blogger Missy Krissy said...

omg, you're too funny. i HATE cooking with a passion too. oh man, it's going to be tough for the next 10 days! but you could heat/boi food, like shabu shabu - so easy!

can't wait to read more about your cooking debacles!

7:43 AM  
Blogger Cristina said...

hey kris! so glad the ten days are over! i will call you later!

9:01 AM  

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