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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

notes about previous posts:

1. no, my dad is not gay.

2. when i wrote that i look at tyler and am thankful to see him grow, it's not that i'm not thankful to see chase grow. it's just that my "incident" happened before chase was born. hence, if i weren't here, he wouldn't be here either. make sense? i love being mommy to both my boys. :)

3. even through my utter disdain for cooking, i make dinner on average 6 times a week.  we do not eat out often at all! i know...crazy, right? what do i feed my family? some easy ass stuff that i can just put together.  i prepare things that are super simple and doesn't involve many different ingredients and steps. i'm not saying that simple cooking is not nutritious or unhealthy! (think about the healthiest foods out there. the less you do with it, the better it is for you!) i actually feed the boys pretty healthy (minus the occasional hot dog, and even that, i buy the healthiest kind)! anyways, thought i would add that in so the boys don't think i fed them crap while they were growing up. no boys, you did eat actual meals. mommy hates cooking but you did eat rather good food! i promise! look what strapping young lads you turned out to be! :)


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