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Thursday, January 19, 2012

random thoughts:

1. don't think i tortured the boys enough this winter break. oh wells. there is always summer break. hehe.

2. we learned yesterday that we don't have to rush to buy a house by this summer to get the boys into the better school district because we just found out that since jason works in that district, the boys could go to any school they want in that district! coolness! now, how come we didn't find this out before wasting money on tyler's private school this year? crudness!

3. it's really cold here. i'm wearing thermals under my clothes. it's a weird feeling and makes me feel fatter than i already am. not. a. good. feeling.

4. i'm so excited about organizing my house and life! haha... claudia said i should post before and after pictures. i agree that those pictures would make some of you laugh and make some of you say, "wow!" but i can't get myself to do it. it's so damn embarrassing! the stuff that i'm finding out about MYSELF!!! do i really need 7 cans of hairspray (and i RARELY use hair products...maybe twice a year!). do i really need 7 nail clippers? 8 bottles of shisaedo lotion? 4 tweezers? at least 30 plates? at least 20 cups? (you would think i was entertaining guests every weekend if you looked at the stuff in my cupboards! omg!) 4 ladles? 4 spatulas? 3 can openers? art supplies and office supplies to at least last until the boys go to college? where did all this shit come from?!!! it's shear craziness. my goal is to move to our next house with only the bare essentials and take with us only the things that we use/ play with/ wear on a regular basis. and also, the main thing of having a uncluttered house: "stop buying shit, cristina!" as peter walsh would say, "it's all too much!" time to simplify my life, baby.

5. i love little kids. they are so darn cute. this morning, chase asked me for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. just for fun, i told him that i would only give it to him if he looked at me cute so he made all these "cute" faces. i mean, you can only make young children look at you "cute" for a sandwich! ahhh, i love this 2-5 years old stage.

6. every stage of my life has a song attached to it. for example, cheer camp in high school was that "i would walk a hundred miles" song that my roommate and i had on repeat (forget the title of it right now). every year of college is marked with a song. last year, the song was baby by justin bieber because the boys and i loved that song. since our move, the song of this first few months of sacramento is dynamite by taio cruz. the boys love that it and will sing it over and over. i found this video online of these young teenage boys singing dynamite and i thought i would share because i found it freakin adorable. something so cute about them: #1 finding a passion and being so talented, #2 refreshing to see that teenages are doing something other than facebook and video games, #3 i must be getting old because i just find them so adorable! when i first saw this video, the rapper totally reminded me of chase for some reason and the main singer reminded me of tyler! haha.... so enjoy on this thursday morning. it is cold here and it's suppose to rain today...not fun!


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