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Monday, January 30, 2012

so ok, i've entered another obsessive stage in my life. i want to live a totally minimalist lifestyle. the book, the joy of less, and the website  has completely changed my views on all the stuff that surrounds me (boys, this book is a definite must read.) i want LESS OF EVERYTHING. i want to live with ONLY the bare essentials. this is a shift of thinking from even last month, when i was cleaning, reorganizing and putting things into containers. now my view is: i don't even need the containers because i don't really need anything in the containers to begin with! this will take some time to completely clean out my stuff. first off, i want to use up what we already have and that will take some time. next, the boys need to outgrow some of the toys they currently have and are playing with. but after that, i REALLY want to live with very little.

i know my real estate agent hates me. when we first met him, i wanted a BIG house. my thought then was: "we moved away from everything that we know and love and i deserve a big house for it." so, then came all the visits to all these mega houses. we would walk through and see ALL this damn STUFF. for example, food in these alarmingly TONS of canned goods and pantry items and it would literally SHOCK me...."does this family of FOUR really need all this food and paper goods and JUNK?" i'm not judging here because we live the same way. i'm just saying it was a shock to see it from another perspective.

then, we told the real estate agent that we changed our minds. we don't want a huge house anymore but we want a huge backyard. yup, like acres of it (i think i even posted about wanting a ranch here on this blog). we wanted a "park like setting" with grass, pool, play gym, etc.
NOW?! now what do i want? the SMALLEST house with the SMALLEST yard that we can live in comfortably. (jason's on board with the smaller house but stills wants a big yard.) like i said, our real estate agent must think i'm psycho.

the idea of a minimalist lifestyle is so appealing to me. i don't need a lot of stuff to define who i am, or stuff to tell me who i wish to be (but am not), or stuff to remind me of my past (it's all in my memories). i just want a simpler life with less stuff.


Anonymous susan said...

i need to implement some of this... but it seems like so much work! let me know how it goes with you!

9:32 PM  
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