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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

this morning, i went to get my usual coffee at starbucks. i drove up to the drive thru window and was about give the barista my gift card (thanks christine!) when she said, "oh, the person in front of you paid for your drink." what a wonderful surprise! that's happened before- twice at toll booths in college (remember when oprah started the "pay it forward" campaign? paying for someone else at the toll booth was a very popular way to "pay it forward."), and then once after college at an in and out, but today's surprise was, for reason, even more totally unexpected and it was so sweet.

there is something about receiving something, however small, and knowing that that person didn't want anything back in return. i mean, i didn't even have a a chance to say thank you.

in my quest to live a more minimalist lifestyle, i've been thinking a lot about my possessions lately. A LOT. why do i have things? is it useful in my life? can i live with less. and the nagging thought that i keep having is: yes, cristina, you can live with so much less and you can give so much more.

and there is this one quote from a philosopher that has been haunting me: "i threw away my cup when i saw a child drinking with his hands."

and for some reason, that warm cup of coffee reminded me of how good it feels to receive and how i should be giving that feeling to more people.

cup of coffee. perfect timing.


Blogger alice said...

love this post. what a great reminder to live simply and give generously. miss you!!!!

9:03 AM  

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