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Thursday, February 23, 2012

random thoughts:

1. love trader joes. where would i shop if there wasn't one near me? i remember the first time i walked into a traders joes that had just opened up in cerritos and thinking it was about the oddest looking market around. fast forward like 20 years later and now it's my go- to market! i love finding little cute things they have...have you seen the cute little ice cream cones they have there? today, i found this sugar cinnamon grinder. totally wasn't on my list but i got it so the boys could grind it on their bread or something. it looks like a barrel of fun in a tiny plastic container! :)

2. totally losing my interest in costco...yay! finally have kicked my costco addiction. i should celebrate this one!

3. looking for a house to purchase is SOOO hard! we've looked at so many houses since we moved here and EVERY house has its own pros and cons. we haven't found one that has everything we are looking for...that comes with a decent asking price. we find a house that has a wonderful yard but the sq footage of the house is on the smaller side, or we find one that is totally redone and perfect on the inside but has no grass in the backyard. it's so sad! actually, we did find one house that, looking back now, was perfect, but that was when i was going through my, "it's not good/big enough" stage. now, i'm kicking myself in the butt for that one because jason did tell me he thought it was perfect and when i finally came to my senses, the house was already in escrow. :( there is so much to think about when buying a house: school, community, location to freeways, activities for kids, rooms, the layout of the house, yard space, mortgage (15 year or 30 year?), walking distance to stuff?, parking for rv?...just a lot of stuff to think about and it's been much harder than i anticipated. it's not like there are 100s of houses to choose from too! you pick an area that you like and there are like five houses that come up at a time and if you like one, you better act fast! it's such a game and so far, we are losing. :(

3. i have jeremy lin fever! he is so cute and so talented and loves god! tyler and chase love watching him play and so do i!! i HATE sports so i must love a player to sit through any game!

4. i love being a stay at home mom. i finally feel like i have some breathing space now just to be in my own quiet space. yay!

5. i want to get into "freezer meals!" i got the book, "fix, freeze, and feast" (thanks, susan!) and i'm totally inspired.

here is an article i read online about a lady who made 46 meals at one time. i want to do that!

that's totally my personality- just torture myself doing something i hate for a LONG time so i could relax the rest of the days. i wish i had some friends to do this with. i would love to have a "party" to make freezer meals with friends. doesn't that sound fun?! i swear i'm going to do this real soon.

gotta run..happy thursday to y'all!


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