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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

random thoughts:

1. i was asking a friend what she does when the kids go to sleep and she said she played on her iphone (or ipad). i was like, do you go on the internet? she was like, no, i play with the pictures that i'm in and try to make myself look better in them. i thought this was hilarious! haha... i want to play with pictures and make myself look better in them too! i'm planning on getting rid of my blackberry in may or june and getting my very first iphone! i really want to try instagram and take some cool pics!

2. what is up with the gas prices? oh dear! i saw a gas station that was 4.57/ gallon today. wowza! (one day, the boys will read this and think, man, that is really cheap!)

3. i think we might have found a house that we are seriously thinking of bidding on. it's very modest and old and will need to be worked on before we move in, but it has a grassy area with playgym and a fenced pool in the backyard so i'm hoping the boys will make many great memories in the house. i think i said this before, but buying a house is very tough! i'm too fickle about my purchases to make a decision on a HOUSE! i think all houses should have a return policy or something. what if we move in and i regret it! what? i can't return it? isn't this america?!

4. i'm getting old. i went to work out with some moms at chase's preschool the other day and i'm hurting here. my back is so achy!

5. i want- so badly- for it to rain today so tyler's baseball and hockey are cancelled. please, rain...don't fail me....i'm depending on you!

6. i think i write with too many !!! i's very distracting to read with so many !!! i just write as i talk and i think i talk with many !!!! so sorry and bear with me. :)

7. ok, i think that is all for this morning. i can't wait for the first week of april. we are planning a trip down to OC, i think- nothing is ever set in stone as far as vacations because jason and i never really plan anything until like the night before. it's sad. i swear, we'll be driving down to OC and asking each other, "so what are we going to do when we get there?" haha... i can see it already. that is exactly what will happen.

have a great wednesday. i'm going to stay home today (it's so cold here!) and do a rain dance or something cause i NEED it to rain today!


Blogger WeiKuo said...

Be like me and get the iPad 3 when it comes out later this month!

9:48 AM  

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