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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

random thoughts:

1. oh wow..i really don't feel like doing anything today. i woke up a little sick and i'm feeling so...blah!

2. these parakeets have GOT to go! when we first got them, i thought their chirping and SINGING would be so beautiful and relaxing. now, their squaking and shrieking sounds like fingernails on chalkboard. i don't know why but every time i see them in the morning or after coming home from being out, i see them in their cage and think, "oh wow, you're still alive." like i said, i don't know why i think that... isn't that horrible?!

3. we didn't get the house that we wanted. now we're back to square one. don't have any words right now.

4. did you know they sell kim chee at trader joes now! i'm so happy! now i don't have to drive 3 hours to get my kim chee fix... coolness! i know i'm like the only person in roseville who goes into trader joes and get three bags! haha, i have a feeling that this is a temporary item. i can't imagine many people in roseville wanting kim chee!

5. did i write in here that i don't feel like doing anything today?! it's the rain, i tell you.


Blogger Christine said...

you have parakeets?! omg, that is crazy. and yes, i've seen the kimchee at tjs too. i thought that was so funny but heck, they sell frozen bibimbap too!

10:43 PM  

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