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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

now i'm getting mad.

buying a home should not be this difficult! we've seen so many homes and none of them "make sense." people say that you will know if you like a house because you will be able to see your family in it. oh really? i haven't seen one like that yet. i'm getting frustrated at myself. is it ME? am i being too un reasonable and picky? (jason doesn't care where we's pretty much up to me.)

too small, too big, too old (too much to renovate), too new (meaning we have to do the backyard and pool), not enough rooms, too many rooms, wrong layout, not enough natural light, too far away from where we want to be, doesn't feel neighborly enough, too cheap, too expensive, too big of yard (omg! the maintenance!), too small of yard (can the boys throw a ball around?) the grassy area is on a slope, the previous owners did so much renovating (we hate all the things they did to the place), the previous owners did nothing to this place in the last 10 years (so much for US to do!)  the list of doubt is endless ....the wishwashyness of myself is enough to drive myself crazy. i'm thinking our agent is pretty damn annoyed at me too. i'm thinking he will drop us as clients any day now (does that ever happen? well, we just might be the first.)

there is this one house that we don't LOVE, but will do...basically, it's good enough- barely. will we regret it later? will we look back and think "why the hell did we live in THAT?!" there have been three houses that we "lost" and it's drives me crazy to think about them! one house, i thought it wasn't "wow" enough at the time (looking back, it was PERFECT!), then, this one house came on the market when jason was in the philipines and was in escrow by the time he came back (so i blame him for that one). this other house, by the time we went to see it, it had already gotten offers on 10 days of listing!

just be patient, right? i mean, there is really no rush, right? something will come up, right? i don't know. i'm starting to think we won't. i feel bad for our agent too. how many more homes does he have to show us before he gets paid for all the time he has spent with us so far? at this point, i'm so frustrated with the whole process. i'm so tired of getting my hopes up based on pictures online and being totally disappointed when we go visit the house (wow..those pics are soooo deceiving!) i wish we could just be done with it already! i want to be in a good home with good feng shui and good energy for the boys to grow up in!

i don't think i'm a picky person AT ALL, but why is this home search driving me up the wall?!!!


Blogger WeiKuo said...

I was the same way when looking for a house. I think we must have looked at hundreds of homes online and a ton in person. We eventually lost a house we really liked in escrow and we were pretty disappointed. Shortly after losing that house, I walked into our current home during an open house and immediately realized this home was perfect for us. We placed a high offer and got the home. There are times that I wonder if I paid a little too much for this house, but then I realize that I love this home and it was worth every penny. When you find the right home, you'll know it. The road to get there can be stressful, but it will hopefully be worth it!

10:15 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

thanks weikuo for your very sweet comment. it made me feel better. i will think positive thoughts and hope for the best! :)

12:19 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

awww, sorry, it IS a difficult process but hang in there. you'll find something perfect and you'll know. and when you do, don't think about it and put in an offer. the seller will always counter offer anyway so it's not really final just bc you put in an offer. haha.

9:11 PM  

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