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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

random thoughts:

1. happy birthday to my sweet boy, tyler! you are 7 today! i can't believe you will be in third grade in september. didn't you just start kindergarten?! i always think, "wow...i only have 10 more years until he goes to college!" 10 years go by so quickly so i will cherish every moment with you!

2. jenn is in labor right now! i am so happy our babies will share a birthday! yay, jenn! i can't wait to meet baby lagro! you win the award for longest labor ever! :)

3. i am not a fan of krispy kreme. yuckaroo. tyler wanted me to bring some for his class today and i had one... oh, so gross! it's like gummy batter and oil and sugar..that's all i taste. it's so gross. their coffee wasn't any better either.

4. i don't think beyonce was really pregnant and gave birth to her child. yup, i said it! :) i totally think she had a surrogate. did you see that shot of her tummy as she sat down for an interview? her tummy totally collapsed in an very unusual way, like she was wearing a FAKE tummy that they use on movie sets. i've been pregnant twice and NO pregnant belly can fall over the way hers did. i'm not knocking her because it's her perogative if she uses a surrogate or not, i'm just saying that i don't believe she was really pregnant with her own baby.

5. our real estate agent called us last night and told us that the house we were going to put a bid on already got an offer. i felt kicked in the stomach and felt discouraged all over again. wow... this is crazy hard! i think we might need to find a new agent. i don't know... something is amiss here. i feel like something between us and the agent are not aligning here. :(

6. there was a second (like literally, a second) when i thought that i could be a real estate agent. that's before i became a client. omg, i would NEVER want to work with someone like me! i would just tell her (myself) that she (i) would need to find her (my) services somewhere else! haha...

7. there was also a second when i thought i could be a nurse. that was until i became a patient and saw firsthand what nurses really do and have to deal with. could i do it? don't think so! i have deep respect.

8. next year, both the boys will be be in school from 8:30-3:30! oh wow, right? what am i going to do with myself? currently, i have about 10 hours-15 hours a week to myself because chase is in school part time. i don't know what the heck i'm going to do? job? nah. exercise? i should. cook? damn,  now i really don't have an excuse! i wish i could make something at home (something artsy fartsy) on my own schedule and sell it on ebay or etsy to make some extra income. too bad i don't have any talents like that. so sad that i'm such an average joe (jane) at everything. can someone just bless me with some talent over here?! is that too much to ask?! for  now, i guess i'll just sit at home and pick my nose.

9. goal for tomorrow: plan spring break. what is wrong with you, child? didn't you go to college? it's not that difficult to reserve a hotel and buy some dang tickets! (i'm enjoying talking to myself on his site! it's so schizophrenic!)

happy tuesday. it's raining all week here and i could not be more happy. that means sports are cancelled! can i get a "woohoo!!" i love you, rain! (i obviously like talking to rain on this site too!)


Blogger Christine said...

happy birthday tyler! i miss you guys!

9:04 PM  

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