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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

last week, tyler came running into my room in the morning, crying and saying that his little angel had broken into "three pieces." i had given him a little willow tree angel figurine for his 7th birthday present and he thought he had "bumped it from the nightstand" and had shattered it. he was so distraught. he tugged my arm and said, "let's go see it, mom." i tried to calm him down and told him we would put the pieces back together. he cried all the way upstairs. we finally got back to his room and he looked behind his bed where it had fallen. he stopped crying immediately and said nonchalantly, "oh, it survived."
i never want to forget the way he said, "oh, it survived." it was so funny- the way he stopped crying in a second. i cracked up laughing.

tyler, remember this morning? you always make me laugh!!

ps. i took chase to get a haircut yesterday and he got a bowl cut!! i didn't say anything to the stylist who was so proud of it! i didn't have the heart to's just hair anyways! he looks so nerdy and i can't help laughing every time i look at him! it's THAT funny looking!


Blogger Christine said...

awww that's so sweet and i can totally picture tyler saying that. please post a pic of chase's fobby bowl cut!

10:11 PM  
Anonymous susan said...

naomi is sporting a bowl/mullet these days, courtesy of her daddy.

10:54 AM  

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