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Friday, March 23, 2012

random thoughts:
1. this site is looking pretty sad without any pictures huh? i will try to put some pics up soon!

2. i miss souplantation! roseville has pretty much every restaurant (except korean) and store that they have in OC, however, there is no souplantation around here! it makes me so sad cause i really do like souplantation (with coupon).

3. we planned our spring break to LA and OC and i can't believe we are going back to our "home" as visitors! we are doing the whole "LA, OC trip": universal studios, beach, getty, disneyland, medieval times, and eating lots of korean food (and possibly souplantation). i'm excited! :)

4. this morning, i went to get a much needed (and deserved!) swedish massage. they are so cheap around here...yay! the girl kept whispering in my ear and freaking me out. i guess she wanted to keep things quiet and relaxed and if she wanted to ask me if "it's ok? too hard?" she would come close to my ear and whisper it all breathy! by the third time, i wanted to tell her to talk normally and not come close to my ear again! oh, and another thing...i feel like she would hold my hand for too long...not really hold it...more like be palm to palm and pressed down on it. it was as if we were holding hands. it was too "close for comfort!" haha... i mean, rub my naked bod down with oil, but don't be holding my hand!! it was strange.

5. this reminds me of one massage experience i rather forget. ok, i had the most uncomfortable massage once. i can't believe i am going to share this with y'all!! haha...  imagine the most uncomfortable massage experience... can you guess what that would be?! ok, so one time i went to get a massage when we were staying at a hotel (forget which one, but it doesn't matter to this story).  i got on the massage table and i had like MAJOR gas!! damn, try holding in YOUR farts for a good hour while someone is standing right near your ass with a thin sheet separating you two!!! haha... that is the most unrelaxing, tension filled massage i've ever received! i came back to the hotel room and jason was like, "so how was it?!" and i was like, "i don't even want to talk about it" and excused myself to the balcony.

can't believe i just shared that with y'all. i have no shame. i know. whatevers! you fart, i fart..everyone big deal! haha...

well, hope you enjoy a smell free, beautiful weekend and may you be able to freely release of your gas whenever you damn feel like it without feeling like you have to hold it in...that is my wish for you today! :)


Blogger Christine said...

omg i am dying laughing right now! needed that!

9:12 PM  

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