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Monday, April 09, 2012

we are back to the grind here in roseville! the week in la was fun and went way tooo fast!!  here is a little summary of our days.

sunday: drive up and dinner with grandparents kim, check into hotel, walk around universal city walk
monday: universal studios all day, eat in korea town
tuesday: visit sophia and baby sadie (sooo cute!), getty meseum, dinner with auntie, cousin, and grandma park, check into new hotel
wednesday: disneyland all day with grandma park
thursday: target trip (haha), rest at hotel (finish hunger games), dinner with grandparents kim, do laundry (fun!)
friday: breakfast at hotel, rest (read catching fire), playdate with ockinderprep friends, and dinner at medieval with cousins, daddy out with his friends
saturday: breakfast with columbus grove friends, hang out with auntie, grandma park, katie, swimming, mommy out with her gfs
sunday: check out of hotel, breakfast with grandparents and drive back!

it went way tooo fast! wow... sorry to anyone i couldn't meet up with. :( seriously, the days went by so fast!! :(

now we are planning a camping trip for the summer! oh dear, you all know i hate camping! i will try. i shall try. i have to try...i am a mommy of two boys!!!


Anonymous susan said...

looks like you guys had a great time! i can't wait for the day when my kid(s) can play together so i can rest and read a book.

that's awesome that you are going to "suck it up" and go camping. some of my most favorite memories as a kid are from our yearly camping trips!

1:26 PM  

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