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Friday, April 27, 2012

had a good morning. dropped the boys off at school and went to a zumba class.

there was this older gentleman with a mustache taking the class. you don't see too many men taking zumba classes and it was hard for him to follow the moves. for some reason, it was sooo cute! he looked like he had lost a dare and his punishment was to take this class. i wanted to tell him good job when the class was over but didn't want to embarrass him. he was a trooper....lasting the whole hour. good for him. don't know the man, but i was very proud and happy for him!

i'm not a good dancer, but i am able to follow the moves at this silly little zumba class and that makes me so happy. i just love music and moving my body! it is such a wonderful feeling to mix the two things that i love into one hour. i always think that music is a gift from god and i'm just glad that i can really appreciate it.

during this class, i was thinking that if i had a little girl, i would want dancing to be a part of her life. there is nothing bad that can come out of loving to dance and loving music! i think jason would have a heart attack if i made dancing a big part of the boys' lives, but i am going to make sure that they love being active (cause mama hates sports, but she can run! :)

so, right when i got into the car after my zumba class, this song came on the radio and i swear i got teary eyed. i love steven curtis chapman. i know that i don't have a little "cinderella" but yes, i imagine myself dancing with the boys at their weddings too, and one day, it will "turn midnight and they will be gone." tears. i love them so much.


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