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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

parents who can judge me:

parents of 2 boys (both older than 2) who are 1 -3 years apart in age.

if you are a parent of 1 boy. no, you cannot judge me. when my boys are apart, they are usually angels. something about them being together brings out the testosterone in them.

if you are a parent of 2 girls. please do not judge me. boys ARE different than girls. your girls may want tea parties. my boys would rather play fight, run around, and make noises of bombs going off.

if your 2 boys are more than 4 years apart, please don't judge me. the dynamics are way different.

do i come across sensitive here? like i've been judged as a parent? haha...maybe!

i love the part in the article when the author writes that each situation is different. it's true that each child comes prewired differently so mothers change their "tactics" in dealing with problems that may arise with each child. one child's "good" day may look like another child's "worst" day.

oh, and you have to pick your battles. you can't fight them and scold your children for everything they do... and oh, won't they do a million "wrong" things according to adult standards. can you imagine the scars that you will leave behind if you even tried? you would practically scolding your child all day! you want that to be your legacy?

one thing that used to tell myself i would never let the boys do- ride at the bottle of the shopping cart. ever. that is what crazy kids do who have crazy parents who would let them. now? once in a great while, chase will do that and i have to make a split decision: will he get hurt? (no, not if i am careful, which i will be) is he hurting someone else (no) is he having fun? (yup, totally) will he do this when he is older if i let him do this today? (i don't think so) so i let him ride it out until he gets bored and comes out on his own.

anyways, all this to say: all parents react differently to their children's behavior. i say to each their own. if you are raising happy, kind, productive children, no one can say anything!!


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