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Saturday, June 30, 2012

hello peeps!

sorry for the lack of posts. it's summer, which means the boys are with me 24-7 and it's harder for me to find time to write in here.

some random posts this morning.

2. chase came downstairs yesterday morning and told tyler that he had a new nickname for him. he said, "you are like a puma, but to make it more like a nickname, i will all you pumie." tyler thanked him for his new nickname and they hugged. i was listening from afar and found the whole interaction so cute. chase has been calling him pumie since then. too cute.

3. you know what salad that i just don't understand? a caprese. huge chunks of mozerella, tomatoes and some basil? wahhh!! i don't get it! i'm not saying it's not good-i'm just saying that it doesn't fit into my definition of a salad!

4. i am getting old. in my attempts to do more "sporty" stuff with the boys, i took tyler to play tennis. i went down to pick up a ball and whack! something in my back cracked!!! it's not too bad, but there was enough pain that i had to stop playing. oh dear, i'm not cut out for such things. sorry boys!

5. it will be a busy few months. first the move, then my mom will be visiting for 2 weeks, then 4 nights of camping, then my dad will be here (for how long? until he feels like it, i guess!) then my in laws will be here for at least 2 weeks. it's great to have guests but you guys know how i spaz out.

6. the boys are getting so funny, especially tyler. since he is older, we joke around together and he totally gets my weird sense of humor! it's so much fun to see your young kids turn kind of into your mini buddies! no, i must rephrase that- i will always be "mommy." i'm not the type to be "friends" with my boys, but i'm just saying that i'm enjoying their company more and more as they get older, have more of their own thoughts, and can understand more of what i say to them. they have really grown up a lot this summer.

7. as i get older, i'm appreciating more of the stuff that my dad did for us while we were growing up. he is the one who took us to places like the library, signed us up for classes here and there, and just tried his hardest to expose us to different things. of course, he was so busy making ends meet that i'm sure he just did what he could with the time and energy he had left, but now that i'm in a position to do those things for my kids, i appreciate it more. he wasn't perfect. he had his flaws. but the man did try. i'll give him that much.

8. on thursday night, jason wanted to get sushi for dinner. (i hate eating out lately, but hey, i'm not complaining about going out to eat sushi either!) anyways, the place we went to had a two tvs playing basketball games and jason and the boys were talking "basketball" for a huge chunk of the time- about players, teams, drafts, etc.  i got a glimpse into my future and it was looking rather bleak. haha....

9. when tyler and chase learn something new, i am totally down to learn it with them... even tennis. one thing that i will NEVER do is SWIM with them in a public pool. i mean, i will put my body into the water but put my HEAD in the water....never! i don't think i can get myself to do that. put my eyes, nose, and mouth underwater where all the dirty, germ filled water can crept into my body and reck havoc? i can't even fathom it. sorry boys. again. i will be the first to admit that i am good at some things and can't do other things. i am not perfect and i also have my flaws, but i hope you can look at me when you are older and think that i tried too..


happy saturday folks!
hope all is well!


Blogger Missy Krissy said...

you're so funny! i love reading your blogs. miss you!

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Christine said...

The boys are too cute and sweet! Haha love your random thoughts but caprese salad is the best. So easy and healthy...I think!

1:05 PM  

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