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Saturday, June 16, 2012

michael buble...home.

this song is just so chill. can you imagine hearing it in an airport?

i love airports: going to airports to pick someone up, waiting in the terminals, watching people as they rush about.

to me, airports signify the passing of time....when one chapter closes and another begins. it signifies adventures, life lived, and the love you leave behind and the love you come back to.

i love all the emotions that you feel in airports...the long good bye hugs, tears of sadness, tears of joy, kids yelling "daddy!" and running to their father, the anticipation of seeing a loved one after a long time....

when i'm in an airport, i feel like life goes in slow motion.

someone once told me that i like airports because i haven't spent enough time in one.

that's probably true.

call me weird, but i find airports so romantic.


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