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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i just got this message from a former student of mine and i'm going to post it here so i can read and reread it on here forever. i miss teaching! i look back on the first few years of my teaching career with the most fondest memories. i was young, had all the time in the world, and felt like i had found my calling. i remember the kids' laughs, smiles and even individual students' penmanship. i do miss each and every one of them and think of them often. i am so thankful that facebook has allowed me to reconnect with some of these students. anyways, this is one of the sweetest messages i got from a former student....

Hi Ms. Park (force of habit)/Mrs. Kim!! I was going to message you but I didn't want to seem creepy, hahah :p And then I saw your message, which made me tremendously happy so thank you for that! :D I just completed my junior year of high school so I've been super busy w/ AP classes and college searches, which is all coming so fast :/

And yes, I still attend 32nd St, believe it or not. I think of you HIGHLY and wish every day that you were still my teacher! I always tell everyone about how you're such an amazing teacher and still apply your lessons every day. :) I really wish you could have attended my 8th graduation :( so I kept you in spirit by including you in my Valedictorian speech instead :)

My parents are doing well, now that they're finally divorced :p My mom speaks of you often, always asks about you, and misses you very much! As do I :) She's just struggling as an officially single parent now but we couldn't be happier :) Oh, she says hi too (I think you made her day by saying hi to her, hahah). Oh, and my sister wanted to tell you that you made a huge (positive) impact on my life (which you definitely did)! :) So thank you for your endless support!

Oh yeah! I saw pictures of you w/ Tyler and Chase and they're SOO adorable >.< I know they're going to grow up to be beautiful and fantastic human beings like their mother :) And you still haven't aged a bit! I think you look younger actually so don't ever say you're getting old! So how are YOU doing? Are you still teaching and changing the lives of others? :) I love you!


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