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Friday, September 28, 2012

random thoughts:

1. just went to the korean market today. when i was checking out, this is the conversation i heard between the korean cashier and korean customer behind me.

cashier: haven't seen you in awhile
customer: yup, i've been busy lately.
cashier: are you sick? you look sick.
customer: no, i'm not sick. why do i look sick?
cashier: yes, you don't look well. are you feeling ok?
customer: well, i've lost some weight lately. maybe that's it.
cashier: no, that's not it. you look bad. you look sick to me.

omg, korean people are so rude!!! and the worst part is, they don't even know they are being rude!

2. still a little under the weather. congested and a little dizzy mixed in with some lethargia. not a good combo for a mommy. yesterday, i kept telling the boys they could do anything (which means ipad) if they didn't make any noise at all.

3. about the convo with the pool person yesterday. the guy told me that all three houses are being charged (the other houses just didn't know it yet). that made me feel better i guess because my big thing was that i didn't understand why we were the only house being charged. it still sucks having to pay $1000 more, but i guess we did sign the papers stating that we would if they hit some "hard pan" rock- whatever that means. i didn't actually SEE the rock or even know what "hard pan" means, and they are asking for $1000 AFTER the dig is all over and the rocks have been hauled off, but i guess all of us have to just buck up and pay it. oh wells. sucks!

4. tyler is going on his first "date" today. well, actually, a group of kids in his class are going to see hotel translyvania today, but tyler has a little crush on a girl named maddy and he said this morning, "maddy and i are going on our first date." haha....

5. if you want something to laugh at... please look for or download "the onion: our dumb world, the atlas of the planet earth." i just found it at the library and listened to it and it is so friggin' funny. not PC at all so if you are easily offended by politically incorrect satire, don't check it out. but if you like that kind of stuff, you will be laughing so hard. boys, if you want to listen to what mommy found funny at this stage in her life, go find it and listen.

6. my dad is coming on monday and rich's wedding is next weekend! crazy!!! it'll be fun times. totally excited!

7. sorry about the lack of pics on this site. we don't have many and it's such a hassle to get it on here. well, for me, it's hassle. i"ll try to get around to posting some soon!

8. i wish i had some sort of amazing talent that could make me millions effortlessly. i was not so lucky in the amazing- talent- at-something department, that is for sure. it's ok. i'm ok with this, but i sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a complete genius at something, have a talent in which 99.999999% of the human race could not come close to. anyways, like writing, for example. i'm not saying writing a best seller would be effortless, but in the case that you had amazing talent in it, it would come very close to effortless and you could produce something so out of this world that people would want to spend their money on it and you could make a living like that! how incredible would that be? i don't know why i thought that right now. that's why this is called random thoughts!

9. i feel like i've been spending a lot of money lately and i'm feeling a bit guilty (maybe that is my talent? no, i kid!). it's just that, as a mommy, you are spending for FOUR, things for the house, lessons and activities, etc...and it seems like a hellava lot of money going on the window. i guess, my feeling was, well, this is a new house so i need new things or something asinine like that. so, gotta stop buying things other than food. that's all we really need anyways. well, next to paying your mortgage and i guess having some toilet paper around would be nice too. but that's all you really need. no more spending on this like deodorant for myself (girl, you don't even smell! don't waste your money!), drug store lipstick (that color ain't doing anything for you.), snacks upon snacks upon snacks upon snacks (don't you eat any meals? why all these snacky items?) anyways, i could go on and on and on and on.

gotta run and get some stuff around the house done so jason doesn't think all i did today was: dropped off the boys at school, got coffee from starbucks, went to walmart and got lipstick and deodorant, went to the korean market and wasted more money, came home, and blogged like an idiot!

good day, my friends. have  a great weekend. if you don't hear from me before rich's wedding, it will be because i need to take my dad around for his beauty treatments or that i'm at the gym desperately trying to lose my last five pounds before we take family pictures at the wedding, or just wasting more money. repeat with me now: heaven help me.


Blogger Christine said...

Your talent is humor my friend and you're good at it. You always bring a smile to my face and as always I love your random thoughts. Hope Tyler had some fun on his first date. Too cute! And yes Koreans are rude and proud of it!

4:09 PM  

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