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Thursday, November 08, 2012

random thoughts this morning:

1. sorry about the lack of posts! i thought i would post more on blog with the new phone but i'm getting more into instagram and posting pics there. i have to figure out how people are "finding" me on instagram though. are there privacy settings on it? there must be. i had no idea people could see the pics that i had posted! i guess it is true that nothing is really private in the world of the internet!

2. i love the change of schedule with daylight savings time. i love sleeping earlier and waking up early since i am a morning person! i've been waking up at 5:00 since we the change. not that that makes me take the boys to school any earlier or anything, but i just like waking up early.

3. pool should be done next week! wahoo. i can't wait. it's taken longer than expected (due to rain) and i'll be happy once i don't see workers in and out of the backyard. i guess we'll still have landscapers though until that is done...rats!

4. tyler was sick yesterday and didn't make it to two activities. it makes me feel guilty... maybe i didn't feed him right or remind him to drink water at school, or maybe he is not getting enough sleep. whatever the case, i am sure it is my fault. is it normal for mommies to feel guilty about everything?!

5. to the relief of everyone who was sick of seeing their reflection off my forehead, i got my bangs cut yesterday. when tyler saw me, the first thing he said is, "you look silly!" a boy from tyler's class said, "you look really young." i'll take that! haha... i'm feeling quite old lately! I can't believe i'll be 35 in january! oh dears!!

6. on the schedule today: electrician coming by, then mall to buy some boots, and then costco (which has regained its spot as my #1 favorite store).

7. i spoke to a friend yesterday who was so riled up about obama's win. she said it makes her blood boil and scolded me for not voting and not getting involved in the whole process. haha... just thought it was really cute to see her get SOOOO emotional about propositions and stuff. i will try to be a little more "political" next election, i promise! j, calm down, it ain't the end of the world, girlfriend!

8. chase got two mosquito bites the other night and for some reason (like i'm a bad mom), i felt the need to tell him "did you know that if i suck the 'venom' out of your skin, i will turn into a mosquito?" so i pretended to suck the 'venom' out, made some choking sounds, and then jumped up quickly and starting fluttering around like a mosquito. first, he started laughing. then all of a sudden, he started bawling! he said, "i don't want you to be a mosquito!" omg! it was so funny. maybe he was just tired. who knows. tyler, who was sitting and watching this whole spectacle kept rolling his eyes and making faces at me like, chase can't be serious. it was so funny. something i don't want to forget. the following day, i played whitney houston's i will always love you song, and chase said, "turn it off!! it reminds me of the mosquito!!" haha..... kids are so friggin cute. i will be beyond sad when they are teenagers and don't hug and kiss me the way they do now!

ok, gotta run! should take the boys to school now, though i NEVER want to take them to school. if i had MY way, they would stay with me ALL THE TIME. i'm always sad driving to school and dropping them off.

and then when i am shopping by myself at the mall and costco, i won't feel so sad...

BUT, on the inside, i AM sad that they have to go to school and not be with me.

ok, have a great thursday and weekend! :)


Blogger Christine said...

You're such a wonderful mom and the boys are lucky to have you. Haha I always want my kids to be away and not with me! Girl can you take mine too?! Lol.

8:13 AM  

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