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Monday, December 03, 2012

random thoughts:

1. i got on here thinking i had some stuff of interest to write and then i totally got writer's block! i have nothing to write about at all!! :)

2. jason doesn't buy clothes AT ALL, and when i try to buy him stuff, he says, "that's not my style." and i'm like, "well, excuse you have a STYLE?! didn't know you had a "STYLE!" anyways, he DOES like to shop for a couple of things: socks, white t-shirts, and raincoats. i know. so freakin random, right?

3. jason looked at the wrong clock last night (one we didn't change for daylight savings) and left for work at 5:30 instead of 6:30. had to laugh at that one.

4. it's been raining here for days and the boys had "inside" recess last thursday and friday. the boys in tyler's class brought hex- bugs to play with and tyler has been waiting all weekend to take his hex bugs to school. of course, he wakes up this morning and it's as sunny as could be. he was so disappointed that he wouldn't have inside recess today and screamed, "why?!! why?!" he can be so dramatic at times. i just laughed at him.

5. you know what song is so cute? one direction's what makes you beautiful. i don't know too much about the lyrics, but the song is so upbeat! the boys like to sing it while i drive and i pretend they are singing it to their aging momma! i even flick my hair when they get to the part when they sing, "the way you flick your hair gets me overwhelmed." haha...

6. i am such a wannabe teeny bopper. another song i like? carly rae's call me maybe! it's so cheesy! well, i don't feel so bad because i just found out that carly's like 28 years old. i thought she was like 16 so she's obviously a wannabe teeny bopper too! another fun song to sing with the boys!

7. i don't want to get a big tree this year. we have this small 4 feet tree that we have for the boy's play area and i totally think this is enough and so do the boys (after i said to them, "if we don't get another big tree for downstairs, mommy has more money to buy you better and bigger presents! what do you say, boys? you don't need a big tree, do you? this one is perfect and so cute, right? now go tell daddy you don't want a big tree!") jason is like, "whhaaa???!!!" he loves christmas trees so he doesn't understand me. well, i hate trees. they shed (is that the word?) needles all over, you have to take all this time getting one, decorating one, and then take it all down in a couple of weeks?! i love my small artificial tree! clean up is so easy because there is barely anything on it! i say simplify your life, darlings!

8. i don't even want jason to put up christmas lights! he is like, "whhhaa??!!! whhhaaa is wrong with you, woman?!" i tell him. "i want you to rest over the weekend!" i don't want you to spend your time putting up light just to take them off in a couple of weeks! it's all about you, babe. don't overwork yourself. weekends are for resting." he just shakes his head and walks off. it was raining like crazy this weekend so there was no way he, or anyone else, was putting up lights this weekend but then if he puts up lights next weekend, it will seriously just be up for like 2 weeks. i say, forget it! i'm so blah humbug, i know!

9. on the topic of christmas, i will write a little about what i give the boys as their christmas presents. i ONLY give them things that they would have gotten in the first place if there was no such thing christmas. for example, i have wrapped a pair of jeans, socks, shoes, toothbrushes, etc. ...ALL things they would have gotten in the month of december anyways! more stuff? of course, books are a no brainer as gifts (yup, would have gotten those too!) this year, their biggest gift of all is LUGGAGE!!! i kid you not! i've been thinking of getting them their own luggage because now that they are older, maybe we could go on some "real" vacations and then i saw they were on sale at costco, bought those suckers, wrapped them up all ghetto (who cares? they will rip it off in a second!) and they are the biggest presents ever!) and for those of you who might think, "oh, how sad. the boys will hate them!" don't know my boys and you obviously don't know me! it's all in the way you SELL IT, baby! so i will be like, "look at this huge present! it must be something huge!" and after they open it, i will be spinning that thing around in our family room  screaming"wheee" in delight like it's the best invention ever! oh, i've also given them colored index cards, blank paper to draw on and make paper airplanes with, candy from halloween, a box of fortune cookies, etc. haha!! i know it sounds crazy, but honestly, they are HAPPY with their gifts. they MIGHT get ONE toy a year (and it's usually semi-educational..this year, an ant farm) for the both of them to share. sorry if i come across as a heartless woman with  no christmas spirit. they are lucky boys who have a lot in their lives already and  i do want them to experience opening presents and stuff (and they do get really good stuff from friends and family!), but i also want them to appreciate the things they already have and even appreciate whatever little things they get.

10. chase is so easy going and flexible and goes with the flow. tyler? he needs things the way he likes them and always asks tons of questions..."where are we going now? what time will we get there? are we going to eat there or eat at home? are you staying upstairs or downstairs? make sure you close my closet when you leave my room." he is always asking questions and always confirming things. tylie!

11. speaking of things that they always do, they are ALWAYS asking me for food. they seriously eat more than me and they are ALWAYS hungry!!! ALWAYS!!!! it's getting nerve-wracking because i don't really like being in the kitchen at all, and having to deal with food what seems like 24-7, i'm ripping out my hair over here. i guess it won't get better as they age and want even more food, and i guess i have to come to terms with the fact that they are two growing, hungry boys and change my damn negative attitude about cooking!!

ok, gotta go clean the house!! it's never ending, i tell ya! there is no way i could work and deal with all this household stuff. no way, i tell you. unless jason and the boys helped out more around the house, but that ain't happening so cinderella over here has to do everything.

if i don't write in here for awhile, happy belated thanksgiving, merry christmas, happy valentine's day! :) well, hopefully, i'll write again before valentine's!

have a good day, mates!


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