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Thursday, November 08, 2012

i usually never check tyler's daily homework. he just does it, puts it in his backpack and takes it back to school. yesterday, i got his spelling sentences back and these are some of the sentences he wrote:

1. I have very good health. I know because I went to to the doctor.

2. Wolf Gang Mozart is a great composer who composes.

3. If I am able to, I will do the splits even if I break my legs.

4. A couch is soft like a pillow, dog, stuffed animal, jacket, etc.

5. That watch meant to be there so leave it or else.

6. Jesus can heal anybody who is so completely hurt.

7. You can soften the pillows with goose feathers (although they are already comfy.)

8. I can relate to my cousins Kate, Sara, Ethan and Mason.

9. He showed a sign that means refill please.

10. That crumb he ate was special.

11. What's the big deal? We will both get in line.

those were some of the sentences. i think kids are so funny. his sentences made me laugh.


Blogger Christine said...

Wow he's so smart! You can definitely see his personality through his writing!

8:10 AM  

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