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Sunday, December 30, 2012

random thoughts

1. i always think i have a lot to write on here, but the moment i log in, i always ask myself, "what is there to write about? nothing at all!!"

2. the boys went to a basketball game with jason tonight and i had 4 hours of peace and quiet! yay! it was so nice! jason got season tickets to sacramento kings' games and when he told me, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "don't expect me to go!" i'm such a bad wife sometimes. well, i've been to one and it wasn't  THAT bad, i guess, but i would rather stay home and shave my legs than go to another game (which is precisely what i did the second i heard the door close behind them. hehe) so they took one of tyler's friends tonight and all was good.

3. so anyways, the kings game that i went to, i realize that i like ALL the other things at sporting events minus the actual sport. for example, at this particular basketball game, i thoroughly enjoyed the half time program, seeing someone attempt and win a ipod mini, the kiss cam is ALWAYS a pleaser, and the bongos are fun too. i didn't watch much of the actual game at all- maybe a minute here or two after i heard the crowd cheering. (i would perk up to see that something amazing had passed and i missed all the exciting stuff.)  i also realize that i love ALL the music at basketball games...mostly hip hop. i need to find the NBL playlist or something because i need to download some of dat! :) the girl sitting in front of me was also not interested in the game at all. she was interested in one thing.....her damn self!! girl was taking pictures of herself for a good hour, i swear! she would hold the camera up in front of her face and snap, then examine it, then take another one, then take another one, be happy with one, then use filters on it, and then make a collage of the pictures, then facebook it, then write back to comments from them. yup, i saw this whole thing going on. it was sheer comedy. it was so fauny because from where i was sitting, i could see her face on her phone and she was trying to look so damn cute and changing the angle of her face, her smirk, her eyes, etc. i wanted to laugh with someone about her behavior but no one around her seemed to pay any attention to her (probably because they were more interested in the GAME, unlike me). at one point though, i did hear some girls sitting one row above me asking, "what the hell is she doing?" and i knew they were talking about her. it was SOOOO funny. i am sure if she sat next to me, we would have ended up talking the whole night because neither of us cared for that game at all!!!!!! i just found it funny. i wouldn't ever be so bold to do that and look sooo absorbed with myself, but i loved how she didn't care for the game at all and she didn't care if anyone else knew it. while here i was, faking my interest as best as possible and trying to keep my eyelids open. (i actually asked jason to buy me a coke because i was so scared i would fall asleep. i thought the caffeine would help me, and it did.)

4. i have "friends" on facebook who are not really my friends in the definition of what we think of as friends. not at all. one girl, i met at the gym and we worked out together a couple of times when we would bump into each other, and there are many more just like her. however, even though we are not really "friends," i would never "defriend" them. why? because i truly want to know what is going on in their lives. just because you haven't spent that much time with someone (and it gets so hard as you get older and have kids and family stuff to do), it doesn't mean that i don't care about them. for example, the girl that i met at the gym. i knew she was such a sweet girl when we first met. sometimes, for whatever reason, you just click with certain people more than others and we just clicked. strange how that works. i was so thrilled for her when i found out on facebook that she made it to nursing school because i knew she was working towards it and i let her know it. i guess what i'm trying to say is  that there are people who leave a imprint in your heart, even if you only know them for a short time, and when you see goodness in someone, it feels good to root for them on this journey called life.

good night. it is 11:10 and i should go to sleep. :) good night, sleep tight!


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