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Friday, January 04, 2013

random thoughts:

1. i want to "like" things on facebook and add comments on facebook but is it true that my friends will see everything i like and every comment i make? i don't want to flood their pages with that! i'm kind of sad about this actually. can someone please tell me if this is true and what i can do (if anything) to change my settings so this doesn't happen?

2. last "official" day of winter break. sadness. tyler is starting a new school on monday. LONG story. i won't get into it here. don't think i am crazy, which i am a little bit. i'm just glad that i am confident that tyler will be fine, meet new friends, and have a great attitude about this huge change. (thanks tyler for making this decision easier. i only make such decisions knowing wholeheartedly that you will be 100% fine.)

3. winter break was great. it was so chill and quiet, just the way i like it. boys are growing up so fast and becoming each other's best friends. today, i think we might try out sacramento's fairytale town. it sounds kind of babyish so tyler might think he is too mature of it, but if he even complains one bit, i will take that opportunity to scold him and tell him he better be happy with all the experiences he gets...see, a mom is always one step ahead...even with future complaints and how she will respond to them. :)

4. the boys are such ...boys! they are sooo different from girls. i think this all the time. they just have this extra energy to be wild, to jump on each other, to play with balls in the house. tyler keeps his "toys" right next to him as he walks around the house. what are they? a malfoy's wand, a sword from the 99 cents store, a light saber that cousin eunhwa bought him years ago, a flashlight stick. i guess they are his weapons or something. it's so odd, but i love watching them grow and become big boys!

5. two dogs that i wanted were adopted by other families!! sad! there will be more so i guess we just have to wait until i feel like i have the perfect dog (perfect fit, i mean) for our family. i know very little about dogs actually, but maybe they are like babies...the learning curve is very steep? this is a 10-14 year commitment so i better get my act together once the dog arrives. we shall see how this goes. ;)

6. when chase thinks about his childhood and thinks of his favorite song that his momma used to sing to him, he will immediately think of "hush, little baby, don't say a word, momma's gonna to buy you a mockingbird, if that mockingbird don't sing, momma's gonnna buy you a diamond ring...." you know the rest. it has always been chase's favorite lullaby since he was a toddler. i was singing it for the millionth time the other night, and i literally gasped!...omg, that song is about fixing problems by BUYING things over and over again. i hate this song and what it stands for! what a horrible thing to teach kids...solve your problems buy spending money and buying things? this is completely opposite from what i want to teach the boys. i don't tell them so much in words, but i hope to teach them through my actions that money and buying things will not make for a happier life. i'm kind of sad that chase and my "song" is one that i don't love. i wish i actually listened to the lyrics a little more closely as i sang it to him every night for the last five years! geez!

don't worry, chase, we will have another "mommy and chasey" song soon, and though i don't want you to forget mommy's voice and hugs while i sang it to you, i do hope that the song itself holds no real meaning for you. life is what you make of it and your prospective and attitude about everything. happiness comes from within. it's not about how much money you make and how you spend it. trust me, it's easy for me to forget this sometimes too and if i ever forget in the future, please remind me gently in my old age.

7. babies are sooo cute to me lately! babies everywhere and they are sooooooo adorable, with their fat cheeks and their cooing and them smelling all babylicious! ohhh.... sometimes i think i could have had like five more babies! well, for sure, that ain't happening, but i just miss that baby stage lately! (it's all those baby pics on instagram, i tell ya!) i even looked at baby pics of tyler and chase last night to relive those baby years!

8. while i was looking at baby pics, i went down memory lane and looked at some high school and college pictures as well (too much time on my hands!) super fun to look at old pictures, right? i even took pics of two embarrassing pics and sent them to the people in them...that's always fun to do and i plan on embarrassing more people in the future! get ready, people!

9. looking at pictures of old friends made me think of how grateful i am to have made life long friends along the way. the one thing that i am thankful for in my friends is their ability to forgive me when i have done or said something stupid. everyone, i mean, everyone, is stupid in their own way. i have said things in the past that, i knew from the second it left my stupid little mouth, i shouldn't have said it. i have done (or not done) things that i knew i should do the exact opposite for but maybe i was too lazy, or didn't know how to go about doing (and didn't take the time to find out) to do what i knew was right. but i just think that if you know a person and you know that they have good meaning hearts and they are not evil, malicious people, then you can forgive them for the stupid things they say and do along the way. cause...we all do, right? thank you to all my friends for offering that to me. it means more to me than you know.

well, i better go and start my day! fairytale town, here we come! :)


Blogger WK said...

I'm pretty sure everyone will see what you tag and comment on. However, if someone gets sick of seeing you on their FB page, they can change the setting so that they don't see your activity.

8:45 AM  
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