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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to me! Only 35! Wow!! That's really over the hill! :)

landscapers working overtime in the backyard the last few weeks. i can't wait for it all to be over! we have this slight slope in our backyard and we bought trees to be planted there. the workers are jackhammering the holes and that gets me worried. trees can't grow and thrive in that kind of soil right? i will so beyond sad if the plants die! i signed the contract with this guy, and every day he brings over three guys and his 52 year old wife!!! omg, i feel so bad seeing her do all this hard labor while i sit back enjoying my coffee with kali on my lap. man, and does she work hard. she is so tiny (probably like 4'7) but that lady can work and use some heavy machinery too!!! can you imagine a tiny asian lady using a jackhammer? it looks like child abuse, i swear. i always try to hide out in my house and not come face to face with her. i just feel bad!

kali is doing well. she is really cute and still getting housetrained. jason and the boys love her so that makes me happy.

when the boys get in trouble, i always end up laughing. that's bad, i know. i laugh at their faces when they look at me. i laugh at the things they say when they are getting in trouble. just everything about it is funny to me. i have to fight back the laughter, but i usually end up busting up anyways. the other day, i was scolding tyler about something and he said, " really look like your mom right now." i don't know why, but i thought that was so funny and we cracked up together. they always know they can make me laugh and that's a big problem around here! they think they can charm their way out of anything....and they do!

i went out to pick up some thai food last night and while i was driving there, i texted jason, "tell the boys to write me a birthday card while i'm gone" haha! well, god knows jason wouldn't just tell them to do something like that and they need to get "trained!" if not for me, they need to get trained for their future wives!!! anyways, even though i think it is funny for me to tell jason to tell them to do that, i think it is a very necessary skill for them to learn! they better be writing birthday cards to people they love in the future (ok, i guess i am mostly training them for me! :)

so here is tyler's card to me:

front of card: "it's your birthday! toot! toot!

inside (with a pop-up heart)

"Dear Mom, Happy Birthday! How old are you? You were on task these few years and I want to thank you with this card. Firstly, I want to thank you for teaching me, taking me places, and much more. You are a highly special mom! With all my activities, how do you handle all of it? Oh yeah, before I forget, thanks for cleaning up Kali's poo last night. I love you. Love Tyler."

back of card: "for great character! for being plain awesome! for being a good mommy! because you are beautiful!"
then he wrote: "please sign and return that you like this letter." with a line for my signature

the funniest part of the card is the word "temper" written with a "just say no" sign around it. haha...he always says i have a temper, which is so funny  because i don't. he calls telling him what to do a temper. i'm like, "this is not temper, tyler, do you want to see REAL temper?!"

anyways, once again, happy birthday to me! haha... i am not big on birthdays at all.... just another day in my book! :) yup, i picked up my free starbucks coffee, read the bday cards that i had the boys write to me (haha). now i'm just hiding out in my house and trying to get kali to poo and pee on her pad! life is all good. :)


Blogger Christine said...

Happy birthday to one hot mama! You look so fab there hiding out in your beautiful house! The card from Tyler is just so super special and sweet. You can tell what an awesome mom you are by his card! Hope you had a great one!

8:15 AM  

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