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Thursday, January 17, 2013

random thoughts this morning:

1. planning a weekend trip to LA in feb...all by myself! yay! i feel super guilty leaving the boys (i've never been away from them for more than a day!) but super excited too! :)

2. chase is at home, supposedly "sick." he is fine though and has asked me numerous times to go to the mall and target!

3. yesterday, i thought i would wear jason's sweater out of the house. i thought it would look cute, but i just ended up looking like a homeless person. remember when wearing a boyfriend's sweater or jacket looked so cute on girls in high school and college? guess what?! that look sure doesn't look cute in your 30s!! haha.... it just looks sad!

4. remember that one post that i wrote late at night about feeling like a bad mom because of something that happened to chase? (it was this month) i will tell you what happened. one night, when i was brushing his teeth, he grimaced in pain and i just knew he had a cavity, and nothing, i mean, nothing makes me feel worse than seeing tyler or chase at the dentist's office getting a cavity filled(which they both have had). i mean, if a young child has a cavity, it's solely the parents' fault and doing...and in this case, completely mine! and for some reason, like i'm a dramatic basketcase,i convinced myself that chase had an infection and that the tooth would have to come out. i was so convinced that i actually cried about it. i googled "infection of tooth" and read that some people DIE from having it so i stayed up with him and made sure he was breathing and then i fell asleep at like 4 AM after writing that sad, sad post on here. anyways in the morning, in my tired state, i said to jason, "i am sorry to share, but i think chase has an infection and his tooth is coming out." jason calmly said, "chase, come here so i can look at your tooth." while he was opening chase's mouth, chase cried in pain, and i said to jason, "no, don't touch it." jason said, "i need to look at it." then he looked at me after examining the inside of chase's tooth and said half amused "it's a canker sore!!!" OMG!! he showed it to me and sure enough, chase had a huge canker sore!! OMG!!! all that worrying, crying, and posting on blogger for nothing! things like this happen to me all the time. i was speechless. chase has healed completely since then and is completely pain free now! that's the good thing. the bad thing? i am still embarrassed! haha...

have a wonderful thursday! yipee!! i will mother of the year award. didn't send my child to school and he is playing games on the computer. oh dear.


Blogger Christine said...

Yay can't wait to see you in feb! The story re chase is so hilarious! You're such a great mom in every way possible!

2:21 PM  

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