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Monday, January 07, 2013

this will be really quick because i have to leave to go pick tyler up from his new school at 1:30! another favorite song. this song totally "ages" me, huh? haha...classic. one thing that i LOVE and respect about jason is that he NEVER talks shit about anyone. I KNOW!!! i couldn't believe it either. someone like this actually exists! the worst thing he will ever say about anyone is, "what is wrong with her/him?" and that is IT! he NEVER goes on and on about how this person is wrong or has wronged him or how they are less in character, etc. basically, he is able to hold him tongue and for that, i admire him. having grown up with a dad who griped about everyone- the neighbors, the man at the store, his family members, etc. it is so awesome to see a man just shut up and keep his thoughts to himeself! he NEVER judges people. his motto is to just let people be who they want to be. more and more, every year, i realize what a lucky ass girl i am. (the word lucky always has to be followed by the word ass!) he is a man's man. he is a good husband, father to the boys and, yes, we are ying and yang, but we make a great team. :) jump around!!!


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