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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

random thoughts:

1. chase got in trouble the other day for admitting that he punched tyler in the eye on purpose. while he was walking upstairs to go to his room, he yelled, "i don't know why i'm getting in trouble, dad! i'm not suppose to get in trouble if i tell the truth! don't you know that? didn't you learn that in preschool?" haha.. they crack me up.

2. tyler said to me, "i like my words and sentences to be in muliples of threes." omg. he is such a nerd! haha... we were talking about something and he said that chase was born in "califorNI." i said, don't you mean, "california?" he said, no, i call it califorNI to keep it a multiple of three. so odd, i tell you.

3. tyler is very talkative, likes a lot of attention when he talks, is constantly asking questions, and has little comments and thoughts about everything. it is actually very exhausting to be next to him! haha... from the moment he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep, he demands a lot of attention. jason says he knows where he got that trait from..hmmm..i think jason was hinting me. he is my tylie and i love him very much.

4. we might get our dog tomorrow! (i find out in a couple of hours after the breeder takes her to the vet and gets an okay.) she is a small white maltese and should not get bigger than 5 lbs fully grown. richard said that i'm getting a cute guinea pig because of her size! i am excited and scared at the same time. i don't know too much about dogs and i don't really consider myself a "dog person." i'm getting this dog for the boys because everyone and their mother tells me that dogs are good for kids. we shall see about that. i think we will call her kally since 1. that is what the breeder named her. 2. it's cute. 3. that's the only name all four of us could agree on. i am hoping and praying that kally gets housetrained asap or i will be so sad and mad at the same time.. i am going to give her a couple of weeks to know where to poo and pee...or we're giving this dog to richard and jess!

5. backyard finally getting done. yipee. at this point, i just want some grass for the kids to run around on and any plant would look better than dirt!

gotta run!! ttyl! cristina


Blogger Christine said...

Boys are too cute! Omg can't believe you're getting another dog! Try not to return a week later. Lol. Another baby in the house you have to sleep and potty train. Woo hoo! Haha.

10:58 AM  
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