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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I don't think I would have ever recounted this story on here before, but since I have absolutely no readers, who cares what I write on this thing, right? haha...

A man came to my house to fix a lighting problem that we had been experiencing. We didn't talk much. I just showed him the problem I thought we were having (and showed him that the problem was not made up or in my head because I thought he would say it was!). He finished quickly while I went downstairs to talk to a neighbor and, before he left, I had to sign some paperwork and say bye and thank you.

Before he turned to walk away, he said, "I have to tell you. You have the nicest smile."

Aw, that made my day. :)

I don't know. Usually, if compliments come from a sleezy, greasy looking guy, I would be repulsed, but this guy just seemed like the nicest, most down to earth, hard working guy, and his words just seemed so sincere and nice.

I just wanted to keep that in here because, as silly as it may be, it made me happy for a second.



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