Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

i like this song. like the beat. the lyrics are cute too. not that i think the lyrics speak about me in any way! i can be honest with myself when i say that i am not miss independent! i always want people to help me with everything! i'm like, i can't do it. i don't know how to do it. you do it. you help me. you do it with me. etc... so i like this song but this song does not describe me one bit! :)

i haven't written in here in sooo long! don't know what happened! i was really happy about hitting the 10 year mark on this blog and then in went....(enter sound of a collapsing balloon).

nothing much going on. big news is that i had clown-orange hair for awhile, but i finally got my hair redone today and it looks fine. thank god. i looked "ghetto, hood rat" for two days. i would have cried but it was so comical in a way that all i could do was laugh. that's what i get for walking into any ol' salon (without even looking at yelp) and just hoping for the best. live and learn. live and learn!

trying to run more, at least three times a week. that has been about two weeks now. i love, love, love running when i really get into it. also, we were looking up and down for a new car for weeks now. we currently have a SUV that seats 5 but i need something bigger that will seat 7 at least for when we have visitors and take friends around and stuff. anyways, we almost got a toyota sienna a couple of weekends ago but that didn't pan out. now we are thinking of getting a toyota sequoia. seat 7 and it's a huge vehicle. that might happen in a few weeks or i'm excited about getting a new car, even if it's only a sequoia! :)

i guess that's it for now... there is nothing to write in here! such a boring life, i tell ya!