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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Since my birthday just passed, here is pic of us when I turned three(??). Just kidding, it must have been my 10th birthday. Man, look at them chubby cheeks on me! :) Look at Richard! What a doll! AND, look at Jenn and that hair! Love looking at old's so much fun!

For part of my birthday present, Claudia scanned a whole bunch of old pictures for me and gave it to me on a disk. What an awesome present, right? I just thought I would post some. Man, were my parents that young once? I love Claudia in the second pic. Doesn't she look like she could beat up every kid in the neighborhood? haha...And yes, that's me in the second pic. Claudia cut my hair and that was what I was left with. I look like a boy in most of my childhood pics!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Random thoughts...

1. Happy birthday, Bennett Lee! You looked so adorable in your hanbok this weekend. Love your chubby cheeks! I think your mom is amazing... I love her!

2. I love seeing what kids get to eat at buffets, especially if I am at an expensive buffet. I laugh seeing them with a slice of cheese pizza and white rice on their plates while their parents try to get their money's worth with seafood and meat. It's just cute to me and always puts a smile on my face.

3. I'm really liking Taylor Swift at the moment. I didn't know one song by her a month ago, but I saw her on Oprah last week and youtubed all her songs. She is so cute and talented, and I like her songs! I am sure if I were in high school, I would be in LOVE with her!

4. Why am I always cold? You would think some of this blubber would insulate me somewhat. Well, come to think of it, my butt and thighs are never cold....hehe... I just hate feeling cold.

5. My favorite condiment? Mayo! Love it. I could eat it with anything. I rather eat french fries with mayo instead of is so creamy and yummy!

6. I can't stand to watch a movie twice so I don't think I've ever purchased a DVD for myself. I don't know how people buy DVDs and watch the same movie more than once. The only two movies that I didn't mind watching twice are Clueless and Titantic.

7. One thing that has been on my mind to do with the boys is to go looking at RVs. I've never been in a RV and I've always wanted to check it out. Jason and I dream of the day that we could rent a RV and travel the States with the boys. I thought it would be fun for the boys to walk in some and check out different ones and get them thinking about our dream vacation! (haha, they'll be in high school and the last thing they will want to do is travel with their parents!)

8. Y'all who read this site- I know my writing sucks and my grammar and spelling sucks worser! :) I just write as it comes to me. I rarely even use spell check and I don't proofread my writing. I know that I should. After I post something, I sometimes go back a few days later and see all the blaring errors and get embarrassed. Whatever! And for those of you who might be INSULTED by my errors since I call myself a so called teacher, I have no words for you right now, but if I did, it wouldn't be kind. :) I'm just writing this to say that I'm not perfect, that I'm not a writer, that I keep this post for myself and my boys, and if you don't like it, then don't read it! It's my party and I can cry if I want to!

9. I do "gohg-boo" (study in Korean) with Tyler every day. We have a list of daily goals that he has to do every day: reading, writing, math sheet, memory verse, etc. AND he LOVES it. I don't get it, but he drags me into the "classroom" all the time. I'm like, "We already did it today!" and he says, "Let's do gohg-boo again!" I think that is shear craziness cause some of the things I have him do is not what I would call fun, and I wonder how long this will last. The boy loves learning!

10. Loving the rain today. It's makes the house feel so cozy! You would think hot chocolate would be perfect for a day like today, but guess what the kids are eating right now? Popsicles! You didn't think I could get a moment to write this list without giving them something they like!

Jason will be back from work any moment now. yay!

Happy MLK Day!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chase: Mommy, we get married.
Me: Ok, you'll be my husband.
Chase: Yes, and you be my mommy.

:) Oh, they make me smile all the time.

I was hanging out with a fellow momma a couple of weeks ago and she was telling me that her husband wants her to get a nose and boob job. She told me that he even went as far as to look up doctors for her and asked that she get work done as his birthday present this year. At first, I was completely appalled! What kind of crazy husband would actually tell his wife that?!

But then, I started thinking that was cool! Don't get me wrong. I would be PISSED if Jason said I needed to do something to myself to make HIM happy. But, wouldn't it be cool to have a husband who cared so much about how you looked that he would be up for anything that YOU wanted to get done to yourself? Like, I wish Jason cared about how I look, how I dress, etc. He has NEVER commented on my hair, makeup, clothes...ever! He just doesn't care and he's definitely would rather us save money than have me go all out in the looks department.

If a husband cared that much that his wife looks good, doesn't that mean that he is willing to shell out money for her clothes, for diet foods that are delivered, for her hair, her nails, laser for her skin, and more!?

And THAT is the part I thought was so cool!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm such an idiot.

Right now, Tyler brought to me an Etch a Stetch that he got in his stocking from Santa for Christmas and he said, "It's broken."

I said, "Oh, that makes me sad."

He said, "Why does that make you sad, mommy?"

I said, "Because I spent good money on it and now it's broken."

He looked so confused and said in a quiet voice, "But the elves made it, mommy."

Oh my god, I'm such an idiot!! hahaha...

They make me laugh.

People who think they are perfect(in all things or one thing) and so boldly point fingers at people who they think are not. delusional.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today I was standing in line at 85 Bakery (God, the lines there are crazy! I think it's gotten worse than before!) and an older Korean lady cut right in front of me. Then her son totally looked at me and stood right in front of me. Did they think I wouldn't say anything???!! So of course I said, "Were you in line?" They didn't answer but got out of line and went to the back. This happens to me a lot. Well, more than I think it should! People think they could just cut me in line! Do I look that passive? Do I look like a frail Asian girl who won't speak up? Cause, I ALWAYS say something and they look surprised. So annoying!

Starting February, I have five kids on Mondays and Wednesdays, and six kids on Tuesdays and Thursday. I decided not to teach on Fridays so I'm excited that I'll be able to go to moms group again. Yay! I'm proud to say that out of the six families who have visited my school, five families have signed up! That's a pretty good record so far, right? :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, January 08, 2010

More pictures! When we are stuck at home (we're all sick here!), the posts just keep coming! ;)

Yup, we got Chase a Dora doll! :)

Opening presents and loving it!

Santa appetizer.... Sophia, are you proud of me?! I did it!

The cousins throwing balls and giving mommy a heart attack.

Auntie Jenn (aka. Mrs. Claus) came over and played with us.

Chase and Katie Christmas morning.

Tyler as Santa Claus.

With Aunties...

Cousin Ethan doing magic tricks.

Tyler and his decorated gingerbread cookie.

Yesterday I asked Tyler if he knew what my favorite job in the world was.
First he said librarian because I always tell him I want to be a children's librarian when I am old and gray. I told him that wasn't it. Then he said teacher and I said no. Then he said mommy and I said YES, that's my favorite job in the whole world!

I asked him how he thought I was doing as a mommy and he said, "Just ok." I looked surprised and asked teasingly, "Oh, I'm just ok? I'm not excellent?" He actually thought for a moment and said, "Yup, you're just ok."

Haha, I love it!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

This is what the holidays are all about. Here are some pictures with cousins Eileen and Eunhwa and Uncle Rich spending a lazy morning with the boys making a gingerbread house. The house was a mess, pancakes were eaten, and memories were made.... Miss my lovely cousins already....visit us again!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Random pics from this month...

Tyler and Neela with their snow art.

Chase with a snow globe that we made with a baby food jar.

We decorated our tree!

You can't have Christmas without making a reindeer candy cane!

We planted basil plants we bought at Ikea. Super cheap and fun!

Look at what the boys gave us for Christmas! Surprise! Surprise! They made it at their school! haha...

Mommy got exactly what she wanted for Christmas...the Perfect Brownie! Now her brownies will be perfect! :)

Tyler found an old plastic Easter egg and he called it his Pedegg and started using it on his foot!

Poor Chasey with a nosebleed.

Tyler's girlfriend visited!

The boys had latkes to celebrate Hannukkah.

Another pic of the lovebirds!

Jason got this cool present from a patient...Isn't it so cute? It came with premade cookies and things to decorate the cookies with. I thought it was such a good idea, I just had to take a pic of it!

Neela and Tyler making a Christmas garland to decorate our toy area.

I love, love this sweater. Tyler wore it too. This will probably be the last Christmas that Chase can wear it. So sad to put away my favorite sweater!

Chase fell asleep watching tv.

This is what I get when I ask Chase to smile for me!

The kids got really good at playing dreidel!

A visit from Asian Santa...haha...the boys loved it!

This is how my boys play around the house... my goodness...

Some random thoughts:

1. Sometimes when I am on Facebook, I think about the people at Myspace. You know there is some exec over there thinking, "Damn, where did we go SOOO wrong?"

2. I had plans to go somewhere with the boys today but Chase is a bit under the weather. You realize that you have to be so flexible when you are a mother. Your plans mean nothing when you have a sick child.

3. We were in San Diego for Sarah's wedding on Saturday. Gorgeous wedding. Gorgeous bride. Gorgeous weather. Georgeous Maid of Honor! Congrats to Sarah and Brendan!

We decided to stay the night because we got a pretty decent hotel for only $65/night on priceline...what a deal, right? We went to the Wild Animal Park on Sunday, and can I say that they should call that plance Wild Animal Park/BOOTCAMP! That place is crazy! You have to walk up and down hills to see one dang animal and I thought I was going to pass out! I told Jason at one point that they didn't plan this park very friendly for people to walk around. And he said in a lofty tone of voice, "I don't think they plan these places for people. I think they plan it according to what is best for the animals." Dang him. When did HE become an animal lover? oh please.

4. Being a mommy is hard. Some days I feel like I'm doing great as a mommy. Feeding them right. Stimulating their little brains. They are such happy boys! And then, other days, I feel like a crap mother. Why can't I do more with them? Did I really need to watch The Worst Cook In America (oh, the irony) when I could have played with them for an hour? How come I don't take them enough places? How come they eat processed foods? Couldn't I just do MORE??? Oh, the guilt! I've come to realize that this feeling is just a part of being a mom. Don't know if it will ever go away. I've come to terms with it. All I can say is that I tried, Boys! :)

5. Can you believe that I lie with my kids until they fall asleep every night? Well, I stopped doing this with Tyler when he turned 2, but I still lie down with Chase. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes for him to fall asleep. Other times it take thirty minutes or even longer! Sometimes, I think I could be doing other things. But mostly, I LOVE putting them to sleep by lying next to them. I love hugging them and feeling like their stuffed animal. I love hearing them breathe. I love smelling them. I love what they say to me before falling off to dreamland. The other day, Chase said half asleep, "I love you so much. You nice. You my best friend. Merry Christmas." When they get older, the last thing they will want is a hug from their old mama so I'm happy to get all the hugs I can now. :)

Happy New Year y'all! 2010 will go down in history as one of the best, Nostra-Cristina predicts for you.

We went to Mountain High for a day of fun in the snow with Jason's family. The boys loved throwing snowballs at each other and Tyler got to go tubing with daddy. (Chase didn't meet the height requirement.) It was really cold and miserable (don't let the sunshine fool was really cold!), but it was worth it because the boys had so much fun!

Chase with Auntie Joann. She came to the mountains dressed up like Paris Hilton and I kept teasing her and calling her "Hollywood!"

What is a day of snow without cup ramen and a cup of soup afterwards? Andy, I know you love this picture! haha...